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September 24, 2015

Acoustic Energizer by IPC Scam Product

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Acoustic Energizer by IPC


I love how some scam products put so much effort into creating documentation and claims that you think there must be some validity behind them. Have a look at the inside of the Acoustic Energizer by IPC. Nice looking case, documentation looks impressive. As long as you don’t take a screwdriver to it and peek inside I am sure your music will sound better than ever. :)

How does Acoustic Energizer works?
Once turned on, the Acoustic Energizer generates a PVA Field that aligns the particle motions of the atmosphere, mainly the air molecules. When the micro-phase alignment is achieved, sound transmission loss in the air will be minimized, enabling a clear sound projection over distance. This provides excellent acoustic conditions to retain richer harmonics and fuller nuances. The result will be an unparalleled audio experience like never before.


IPC’s proprietary Euphoria TechnologyTM is implemented in all IPC products to generate a prescribed and stable PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field).

An atom has three major particles, namely Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. The PVA Field created by Euphoria TechnologyTM aligns the vibration and movement of protons and electrons in all matter so that their physical properties are fundamentally enhanced.

Euphoria TechnologyTM is based on quantum mechanics operating on the scale of picometers, i.e., picotechnology. Picotechnology refers to the manipulation of matter on the scale of trillionths of a meter (10-12 m), and is much more advanced than traditional nanotechnology.

Euphoria TechnologyTM was invented by IPC and has been successfully applied to products in different industries.”


September 21, 2015

DIY Remote Bluetooth Firework Igniter

at 2:22 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

DIY Remote Bluetooth Firework Igniter


Great Scott used MIT App Inventor to get connected using Bluetooth from his phone to his project board. The board uses  some power mosfets to perform some extreme over heating of some low value resistors. These resistors then ignite some fuse cord which is used to light the fireworks!


September 19, 2015

Beer Lift Contest

at 8:36 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Funny Hacks


Hobby King is doing their Beer Lift contest again. There are lots if great fun entries to watch! Lots of great successes and some failures.

“It’s that time of the year again… it’s time to lift some beer! You’ve all seen this one before and it’s time to get your entries in. For those who haven’t experienced the HobbyKing Beer Lift it’s simple, the one who lifts the most beer wins. And by wins, we means there’s $2,500 worth of store credits up for grabs.”





September 18, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed Arrested for a DIY Clock

at 2:17 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks


This is really sad that when a student like 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed shows off his passion for building electronic projects results in him getting arrested. He was resourceful and put his creation in a $5 box from target but apparently it made the project look like a suitcase bomb! He wants to leave the school and I don’t blame him. At least his electronic passion isn’t squashed, he wants to attend MIT after high school. All I can say is way to go Ahmed! Keep building!




September 15, 2015

Pinhole DSLR Camera

at 11:51 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks


If you are into photography and already have a DSLR camera you could turn it into a pinhole camera to get the tiny cheap camera effect. Your pictures will look like the ones taken with toy film cameras when you were a kid.

“For pinhole lens for your DSLR camera you will need a piece of aluminum can (beverage can), black electrical tape, a pin and (for the second option of pinhole lens) needless body cap. How to put it all together – watch in our video tutorial. We need to warn you, that the pictures made with a pinhole camera lens will not be sharp. But that smoothness and blur make them interesting and unique. By the way, you should set your shutter speed according to the light intensity (most likely you will need a tripod).”


September 14, 2015

Power Driver for DVD Burning Laser

at 11:44 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


If you have a few dead DVD players sitting on the shelf collecting dust you could rig up a quick and dirty power supply to make it into a burning laser. There are laser drivers available but what is the fun in that.


September 11, 2015

Battery Charger/Analyzer Project using the Microchip TC4426A Power Management IC

at 9:03 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks

Battery ChargerAnalyzer Project


If you are in need of a great battery charger or want to learn some more about how a dedicated power management controller gets configured this project by K.C. Lee is worth a look. It uses the Microchip TC4426A Power Management IC to manage the charging and analyzing of two batteries.

“This is a useful tool for determining the charge/discharge characteristics of batteries which help you reuse or for fixing/maintaining batteries. With your own firmware, this could be used as a programmable dual electronic load/current source/power supply.

* Dual channels. Each channel can operate independently. (Scalable to higher number of channels and/or power)
* Efficient switch mode power supply for charging/discharging reduces cooling requirements
* High frequency (~200kHz) PWM – smaller L&C and less ripple current
* Battery parameters are user programmable for different battery types
* Stand alone or operate from a Windows PC
* Flexible power source – USB or external power supply
* Battery voltage is not limited by external supply voltage
* Reverse polarity protection “


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