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December 11, 2014

Numechron Digital Clock

at 2:43 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks

 Numechron Digital Clock_1


built a very interesting clock called Numechron Digital Clock which is based around a very old clock. It uses an AC motor to keep time which keeps time based on the 60 Hz in the AC line.

“I really liked the Art Deco style of the Model 1364 case and chose to emulate it, although my clock is considerably larger than the prototype. While mimicking the original style, I employed considerable open space in the case design so that the clock’s internals would be visible. A Pennwood employee, F. Greenewalt, patented the mechanism for this type of clock in 1935. He developed an ingenious set of wheels, cams, and levers to flip the numerals and operate the clock. I consulted the original patent to design the mechanism for this clock.”



Numechron Digital Clock

December 9, 2014

Power your House from an Old Washing Machine

at 3:55 am. Filed under DIY Hacks


Alternative energy is a hot topic. If you are looking to lessen your reliance on the grid you might want to look into a windmill or watermill. In this video Buddhanz shows us how a used Washing Machine can be turned into a power generator. Looks to be a cool weekend project. Most people would need to opt for the the windmill version but the water powered type is very interesting also.

December 7, 2014

Propane – Oxygen Cannon & Shock Tube

at 3:05 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks


This Propane – Oxygen Cannon & Shock Tube is one heck of a project. Looks great and should work very well, don’t think there is a video of this one in action though.

 “When a stoichiometric mixture of gasses is ignited, it is known as a deflagration, which results in a subsonic pressure wave. The principal behind the shock tube is to use the subsonic wave to compress a mixture of flammable gas and oxygen in a tube of specific geometry so rapidly that the driven gas mixture detonates rather than deflagrates generating a supersonic shock wave. In this particular type of shock tube pressure waves have been generated as high as Mach 7.”


December 4, 2014

Bluetooth Smart Car Project

at 3:59 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks

Bluetooth Smart Car Project


Have a look at the Bluetooth Smart Car Project from Elecfreaks. If you are looking for a new project they provide some nice step by step instructions to get you going on this one.

Thanks for the tip Kathy

“DIY enthusiasts can build their own smart car with simple kits like building blocks, controlled with Bluetooth 4.0 joystick or app.  With simple communication protocol, the car can achieve human-computer interaction.”

December 2, 2014

100 Amp Double Pole Breaker Teardown

at 7:59 pm. Filed under Teardown

100 Amp Double Pole Breaker Teardown _8787


I had one of these Siemens 100 Amp Double Pole Breakers go bad I was curious what went wrong. The failure mode was one phase was good under a load of 20 or 30 amps but the second phase dropped to around 60 or 70 VAC under load. You can see in the video that the copper braided cable had a weld that failed. I make some wrong assumptions along the way, I had always thought that double pole breakers were simply 2 single pole breakers bolted together as one unit and didn’t have any interaction other than the linking bar. As you will see in the video they have a mechanism of tripping each other. The trip mechanism is quite simple, it was tested with a direct application of heat rather than enough current to actually trip it since I am thinking it would take a sustained 120 or 130 amps to make it trip and I don’t have anything that can supply that kind of current.

To see the pictures of the breaker in Hi Res click here.




Talking Autonomous Robot

at 12:30 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks



DonEduardo built a Talking Autonomous Robot that has some personality. It wonders around looking around with his ultrasonic sensors, it can look to see if it is enclosed where it can take a nap. Every now and then he speaks. Very cute robot! The brains of the robot is Parallax based, the locomotion comes from a Roomba.


November 29, 2014

Name the Thing Contest – 261

at 8:28 pm. Filed under Contests



The prize this week is the thing you are guessing. :) There are always a few entries where the guess is the prize, this week all of those entries will be correct!  This contest will run for one week (Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2014). Ending time is based on central standard time. To enter, identify the item above and what it can be used for. Please note the image above is a side view of the thing.

Please do not give the answer in the comments.

Send an email to contest @ hackedgadgets.com with “Name the Thing Contest” as the subject, and the message body consisting of:

  • The name of the item in the above picture
  • An example of what the item pictured above can be used for

The winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct entries.

Below is a picture of the prize.



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