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November 25, 2007

Joe Pitz – Hacked Gadgets Author

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Hello everyone, this is Joe Pitz, hailing from San Diego, CA. Joe is one of the new Hacked Gadgets writers who will be contributing articles and links to the Hacked Gadgets blog site.

He is a software engineer, currently working as a consultant. His everyday tasks involve anything from writing SQL to validate data in databases to writing C# code or Java, to writing software that tests hardware and software.

Joe started out in high school playing with electronics, but soon motorcycles and cars sparked his interest.

He has raced cars and motorcycles and still loves to tinker with motorcycles.

He started out his career flying for a living. After the general aviation industry sank he decided to get into computers. That was over 20 years ago.

Joe started programming lathes and milling machines. When the micro computer industry took off he got involved with programming database systems.

For many years Joe was only was involved with software and application development, and stayed away from hardware.

A friend of his was getting into making beer and wanted a temperature monitoring system. They ran across a serial interface data capture board and Joe developed a C program that would allow them to capture up to 8 channels of temperature data and display the data real time to a computer monitor, print the data and archive the data to a file.

This sparked Joe’s interest in electronics.

With all of the global outsourcing going on and tired of babysitting overseas programmers Joe decided to go back to school and get an electronics engineering degree. So when Joe is not working or playing around with electronics he is currently working on his degree program.

Joe has always loved to tinker with all forms of technology and is a true gadget freak.

He also loves to tinker with photography and here is a link to his flickr site:


Here is Joe’s blog site that he has started in order to post some of his DIY projects:



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