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October 1, 2014

Kevin Mitnick selling Zero-Day Exploits, starting at $100K

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Kevin Mitnick has had a long life of ups and downs. He was hunted and jailed by the FBI for his hacking antics. Up until recently I would have considered him to be a trusted white hat hacker. His Mitnick Security company specialized in Pen testing. Now Kevin will be selling Zero-Day Exploits. This is a sad day.

The video below covers much of the Kevin story.\

Late last week, Mitnick revealed a new branch of his security consultancy business he calls Mitnick’s Absolute Zero Day Exploit Exchange. Since its quiet inception six months ago, he says the service has offered to sell corporate and government clients high-end “zero-day” exploits, hacking tools that take advantage of secret bugs in software for which no patch yet exists. Mitnick says he’s offering exploits developed both by his own in-house researchers and by outside hackers, guaranteed to be exclusive and priced at no less than $100,000 each, including his own fee.


August 20, 2014

Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine – Free Subscription

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Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine - Free Subscription


If you are an electronics professional there is no way to keep up with the latest developments in electronic technology than to read what large military budgets are able to dream up. You can subscribe for the free print or digital edition of Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine in the Hacked Gadgets free technical magazine store. You may want to use your alternative email address when signing up though to be able to separate publication emails from your everyday emails. Hacked Gadgets does receive a fee when a subscription is made so we appreciate your support when signing up to your free subscriptions through us.

Military & Aerospace Electronics editorial covers topics such as Navigation/Guidance, Avionics, Missile Systems, Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare, Simulation/Training Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, Nanotechnology, Biometrics, Homeland Security, Shipboard Electronics, Reconnaissance Equipment and other relevant topics to military professionals in organizations such as the Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, FAA, CIA, FBI, NSA, Defense Contractors, Prime Contractors, Subcontractors/Integrators, Electronics Manufacturers, Defense Systems Vendors, and R&D, among others.”



July 17, 2013

Hackaday For Sale

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Hackaday For Sale


Hackaday is for sale. Jason Calacanis currently owns the site and wants $500,000 for it. In his post about the sale he talks about how he removed it from the Weblogs Inc sale which is why he still owns it. It currently makes about $14k per month in revenue so if you have some extra cash in your pocket this might be a good investment. If you would like to help Hackaday purchase Hackaday check this out.

May 11, 2012

Alan Parekh Interview on EEWeb

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Thanks to EEWeb for featuring an interview they did with me on their site.


January 18, 2012


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What is SOPA?

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, H.R. 3261) is on the surface a bill that attempts to curb online piracy. Sadly, the proposed way it goes about doing this would devastate the online economy and the overall freedom of the web. It would particularly affect sites with heavy user generated content. Sites like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and others may cease to exist in their current form if this bill is passed.


October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs the Hacker, Maker, Visionary is Dead

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Most of you already know that Steve Jobs has passed away. He will be greatly missed in the technology field for the changes and innovations he has brought us. He was a maker and hacker at his core, never settling for second best. The video above is from his Stanford Commencement Speech back in 2005, you can tell that the entire audience is hanging on his every word even though he was a college drop out. To learn about his journey from the beginning to where Apple is now watch the two programs below.

RIP Steve, you will be missed.

Titans – Steve Jobs


September 18, 2010

Open Hardware Summit 2010 – Hacked Gadgets Sponsored

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So you have probably heard all about the Open Hardware Summit which is being held in New York on September 23rd. If not you should click here to read what it’s all about. Hacked Gadgets is one of the sponsors of the event but I will unfortunately not be able to attend, this means that I have 2 tickets for a Hacked Gadgets reader who will be in New York on Thursday and would like to catch the event.

If you would like to get one or both of the free tickets please send me an email, add a short blurb about how you could use the tickets (and if you need 1 or both). Please only send in a request for the ticket(s) if you can actually go to the event.

You can see a schedule of the event after the jump.



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