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November 17, 2013

Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer

at 3:49 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Insane Equipment

Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer_3338278


Martin Stromer made a great looking Hard Disk Clock that is actually very easy to read and looks like a great art piece at the same time. It is based around the ATMega16 Microcontroller.

“The time is set by turning the disk and setting the read/write head to the desired time by hand. Then you push the reset button on the back (the upper one of the tree on the back) and the clock measures the position of the indicators and sets its internal electronic quartz clock accordingly. For measuring the hour I painted a binary pattern onto the backside of the disk which is illuminated by infrared LEDs and detected by matching infrared light sensors.

For detecting the set minute the read/write head is driven to the outside of the disk until it interrupts the a light barrier. The steps necessary for that are counted, the internal clock is set and the head is driven back to its previous position.

Because the current time is stored in an internally the time display can be restored if it was changed by accident. This does the middle button on the back. Pushing it will turn the disk and move the head to the correct position.”



 Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer_3338298

Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer_3338288

October 19, 2013

Quadrotor with Machine Gun

at 1:48 am. Filed under Insane Equipment


We saw a Hexacopter Delivery Platform yesterday. If your RC vehicle is flying in an environment that is a bit more hostile why not implement a few of these Machine Gun Quadrotors. With a few of these able to step in when enforcement was needed I don’t think anyone would be messing with the delivery of books.

October 6, 2013

Flying Hovercrafts

at 11:06 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment


Do you have a boat and are looking for the next toy? I think this Flying hovercraft might be high on the list, just imagine not needing to drive your trailer down the dock to unload your craft, just drive it down the ramp. If there is some pesky land and trees in the way from one water way to the next just launch and fly over. If these sport vehicles become common I wonder what type of license process would need to be put in place? I can just imagine these things bouncing off the roofs of houses when the driver looses control. Just like the flying car it might be one of those nice ideas that never makes it into production…

September 27, 2013

Nanoscope built with Lego, Makeblock and Arduino

at 3:58 am. Filed under Insane Equipment

Nanoscope built with Lego, Makeblock and Arduino


This Nanoscope was built during a 5 day LEGO workshop, LEGO and Makeblock allowed for some rapid building but some custom 3D printed parts were also needed. It can sense very small structures and scan them in.

Via: Make and Wired

“The microscope they constructed is built upon a metal base, with housings built from Lego and the various component holders 3D-printed to ensure a perfect fit between  the Lego to the component. The scanning stage is inspired by research from Bristol University and is also 3D-printed. Piezo actuators, components that move when an electric field is applied (or vice versa), were the most expensive part, taking up about half of the entire microscope’s cost. When 10V is applied, the Arduino-controlled actuators move the scanning stage by just a single micron, allowing for incredible scanning resolution.”

September 19, 2013

Heavy Lifting Copters

at 11:39 pm. Filed under Funny Hacks, Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking


Hobby King had a great plan to get people building big lifting copters. They call it the Beer Lift but water is used as a substitute although I am sure an equal weight of beer is weighting behind the scenes for enjoying after the competition. The last video isn’t a heavy lift but make sure you watch what happens at 2:20, that is some good flying!





September 16, 2013

Where will 3D Printing Take us?

at 1:40 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment


If you look at a modern construction site these days you don’t generally see very many craftsmen carving intricate details into the buildings, what you see are pre-manufactured sections being assembled. With the revolution that is happening with 3D printing I think it is just a matter of time when many custom details are once again built onsite. Not by skilled craftsmen but by precision universal machines. I can envision a day when a large concrete printer will be assembled onsite and print the walls of your new house leaving voids where your windows and doors will go. For cold climates the same printer could be equipped with a method of printing insulating material while it is printing the structural walls. Smaller printers could print items that need more precision from plastics. Gone will be the day where new developments have 2 or 3 styles of houses one after another, the house printer can make every house unique. I look forward to seeing domes and round corners instead of the rectangular cookie cutter houses that are built today.



August 23, 2013

How Wire Braided Shielding is Made

at 6:37 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment


You have probably seen shielded wire before, when you strip the insulation off there is often a thin metal foil or tight braided wire beneath. Watch the video above to see how the Braided Shielding is Made. Turns out it is quite the elaborate mechanical machine that is involved here!

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