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August 23, 2013

How Wire Braided Shielding is Made

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You have probably seen shielded wire before, when you strip the insulation off there is often a thin metal foil or tight braided wire beneath. Watch the video above to see how the Braided Shielding is Made. Turns out it is quite the elaborate mechanical machine that is involved here!

Die Machined in a Sphere by a 5 Axis CNC Machine

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Check out the video above of a Die Machined in a Sphere by a 5 Axis CNC Machine.

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July 31, 2013

450mph Land Speed Record Project

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This project will get funded at $200,000. They are hoping to get it flying across the ground at 450mph! With dual 2000 horse power engines it has tons of power to get the job done. Good luck on Danny Thompson continuing what his father Mickey Thompson started.

More Details

Streamliner Facts:

  • The skin of the car is made-up entirely of 68 hand formed aluminum panels. They are connected to the subframe via simple Dzus buttons.
  • The streamliner has two engines, one on either side of the cockpit. The original 1960s setup delivered nearly 1800hp. Our new engines provide close to 4000hp.
  • The engines are dry blocks (waterless), which means all of the cooling is provided by the fuel. A single run will consume approximately 50 gallons of nitro blend fuel.
  • The car ends its runs nearly 500 pounds lighter due to fuel consumption.
  • The tires are a prototype nylon weave backed with banded steel. There is only 1/32 of an inch of rubber. Any more would spin off due to heat and expansion. They are custom made by Mickey Thompson Tires.
  • Primary stopping power is provided by dual parachutes that deploy four foot blossoms. We also have four carbon fiber disk brakes just in case.”


450mph Land Speed Record Project_2

450mph Land Speed Record Project

June 28, 2013

Becks Beer Bottle with an Audio Recording Scratched on it

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 Becks Beer Bottle with an Audio Recording Scratched on it_4


Beer is great and refreshing but I always thought the only thing you could do with the them after the been was consumed was recycle them. Guess what, the guys over at GYRO have made a recording system so they can scratch a recording into the outside of the bottle and then play it back with a player. The device is based on an Edison Cylinder but uses modern parts such as hard drive servo arms to get things done.

“We ground a high-speed steel cutting tool which we polished to mirror finish resulting in a very quiet cut, all this taking place under a microscope!
We also have a couple of sapphire tips which we used for some test cuts but we found the steel one are quieter but with a much shorter life, in fact any contaminants in the coating would take a microscopic chunk out of the tip effectively destroying it!

Heating the tip by winding hair-thin NiChrome wire and passing a current through it resulted in a smoother cut, requiring less downforce and reduced surface noise as it helps it glide through the surface without tearing the substrate.”



The Beck’s Edison Bottle from Shine Limited on Vimeo.

June 1, 2013

Robotic Car Park inside Residential Building

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Hate parking your car in those endless winding car parking buildings? When you return to your car there are often door dings because the spaces are very small so the owner can maximize the number of cars that can be crammed into the building. What’s the solution? A robotic system where the transport and parking of your car is handled automatically!

I think there are some other great uses for the technology. Have you ever been hard at work just to be interrupted by a 10 minute walk to a useless meeting? Why not have your work space mobile and have it transport you where you need to go and have meetings on the go. Have a look at 7:18 in the video for a glimpse of what this may look like. :)

May 26, 2013

The Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen

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The Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen


This documentary video gives us a behind the scenes look at the Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen.

“The Tōkaidō Shinkansen is the world’s busiest high-speed rail line. Carrying 151 million passengers per year (March 2008), it has transported more passengers (over 5 billion, entire network over 10 billion) than any other high speed line in the world. Between Tokyo and Osaka, the two largest metropolises in Japan, up to thirteen trains per hour with sixteen cars each (1,323 seats capacity) run in each direction with a minimum headway of three minutes between trains.”


April 21, 2013

3D Laser Cutting System

at 6:32 am. Filed under Insane Equipment


Nothing DIY here other than if you win the lottery you could turn your garage into the ultimate fabrication shop using this one Mitsubishi machine. It is amazing how flexible this machine is. Programming this thing must be a blast!


“The VZ20 series “Offset Head Type” 5-axis lasers provide more cutting power (2000 or 4000 watt choices), quicker response time, enhanced welding capabilities, lower cost of operation and a new control system with to many new features to mention. One of the new M700 series Mitsubishi control features the ability to add a rotary axis to provide full 6-axis machining capabilities.”

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