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April 7, 2006

Bionic Eyes

at 11:14 pm. Filed under Human Hacks

Soon the blind will be able to see thanks to bionic eyes!

“A camera on the tip of Robertson’s glasses sends signals to a computer that’s strapped around her waist. The computer then stimulates electrodes in the brain through a cord that attaches to the head. Patients see flashes of light and outlines of objects.”

January 31, 2006

World’s First “Bionic Man”

at 10:54 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Human Hacks

Jesse Sullivan lost both of his arms in a work related accident. He is now the worlds first real bionic man.

How does it work? “NECAL uses nerve-muscle grafts in amputees to gain added control signals for an artificial arm. Doctors take nerves that used to go to the arm and move those nerves onto chest muscles. The nerves grow into the chest muscles, so when the patient thinks “close hand,” a portion of his chest muscle contracts and electrodes that detect this muscle activity tell the computerized arm when to close the hand. Thus, the patient thinks “close hand” and his artificial hand closes. ”

Take a look at a picture gallery and a video of the arm working.

January 10, 2006

Chipped Human

at 3:27 pm. Filed under Human Hacks, What Were They Thinking

Mikey Sklar is braver than me, he had a RFID chip implanted into his hand. These chips have a variety of purposes from tracking inventory to access control. They are routinely injected into animals to identify them if they are lost but it is not common for them to be installed in a human!

Here is what Amal has to say about the subject, ” DIY RFID human implants are on the rise. I have found over sixteen instances of midnight engineers implanting RFID tags in their hands. The general excuse is for automation purposes. Examples such as unlocking a computer screen saver or opening doors that have been outfitted with electric deadbolts. In my own case the idea of implanting technology that I have researched and spec’d out was very appealing. The fact that it can actually do something useful is quite secondary. The most rewarding part of this project was learning about RFID at a much deeper level. ”

Take a look at Amal’s article and watch the video of the operation.

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