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April 4, 2015

Capture Computer Scammer IP Address

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Great video by Jim Browning using Wireshark to detect the IP address of the computer scammer.


December 17, 2014

The Useless Candle

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Remember the cool Usless Machine? Well now there is a┬áUseless Candle. New idea but just as much useless fun. As soon as you light the candle the system detects that it is lit and blows it out. ­čÖé

“The control circuit for this project is built around a 555 timer IC. When light shines on the CdS photoresistor, the voltage at pin 2 drops below the trigger threshold. This sets the output at pin 3 HIGH and activates a power transistor. The power transistor then turns on the relay. After a short delay, the system resets itself and the output is turned off. The two capacitors are included to add a delay when turning the output on and off. The 100kohm resistor and the capacitor connected to pin 2 determine the delay in turning the output on. The fixed 10kohm resistor and the capacitor attached to pin 6 determine the delay in turning the output off. To increase either delay, you can increase the values of the resistors or the capacitors. To decrease the delays, you can decrease the values of the resistors or the capacitors. The power transistor is included so that you can activate relays that may exceed the power rating of the timer IC (200mA). The sensitivity of the sensor is set by adjusting the 10kohm variable resistor.”

October 8, 2014

Scam Electronic Teardown – Marc Vincent Surround Sound Receiver – 3D Optics HD-8500 Projector

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Dave from the EEVBlog got his hands on some junk electronic that is from the typical White Van Scam. Dave got this gear from the garbage room in his building. Some other tenant obviously got scammed and just tossed it out. Rule of thumb is not to buy your high end audio and video gear from the back of a van in a parking lot. In the video we can see that the scam electronics are made to be functional but are very low quality. Funniest thing is the amp has 3 tubes on display behind a glass cover that glows blue when powered up. Turns out the only connections to the tubes are 2 wires for LED power!

You can see a video below of a guy who recorded the typical scam in progress.


May 18, 2014

Planet Power Saver Scam

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Want to save 30 to 40 percent on your power bill? Well that’s a stupid question… It is as simple as plugging in a small electronic box into your wall and your savings will be immediate! Yea right.

I got a call from the guys at Planet Power Saver trying to sell me their miracle device. These snake oil salesmen have been selling this junk for a long time and you can even see tons of them on eBay. So not only is their plug in device a pile of junk, it is way overpriced compared to the $5 or $10 that they are selling for on eBay. Funny thing is that the little box on the wall with just enough electronics to convert the wall power to 2 or 3 volts to power a power on LED will probably save the home owner some money. Not from the box but from the psychological feeling that they are in energy saving mode, lights would get turned off more often, they will probably do other things such as changing out incandescent lights for CFLs etc. 

Their web site was http://planetpowersaver.com/ but it has been shut down. You can still see most of their site text on the Wayback Machine though. You can see their technical claims below.


Working of Power Saver:

Stabilizes voltages and reduce currents, enhance power efficiency of electric equipment, avoid waste of the supplies, save electrical energy and extend the life of appliances.

The power saver can recycle the lost electrical power caused by wire loss and extra electrical power wasted by starting and running equipment, as it then releases the recycled electrical power back into the electrical circuit to reuse it to save power and to save your money eventually.

The PowerSaver also help to stabilize voltages and reduce currents in your power supplies. It improves the power factor by reducing the amount of electricity that is used from our utility company. This is accomplished by supplying electricity locally at the load by the use of specially designed capacitor. These advanced capacitor store the additional electricity needed for stabilizing electric current within an inductive load.

Therefore, the amount of electricity purchased from our utility company by a power factor optimization has been greatly reduced and resulting in power savings for our home or office.

Now, with the help of PowerSaver , there is a smart way to reduce up to 30% of your electricity consumption every month. No more high electricity bill you have to pay. Now, you can Use Power With Le$$ Cost

Extra electrical power can also be loss naturally when being transmitted (call wire loss) or at the instant of turning on the electrical appliances. Our PowerSaver does not consume electricity itself. You can on it continuously 24 hours a day all year round without its affecting your electricity costs.

PowerSaver is suitable for inductive and capacitive appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, stereos, fluorescent lamps, electric fans, televisions, etc. (please refer to FAQ for Electrical Products Comsumption Info).

How can I check the unit, to see if it will save energy OR not ?
It is possible, once your power saver unit arrives to run an immediate test. To do this, use an extension lead from the nearest power socket, if required, to enable you to stand in front of your electric meter.
While running this test, be sure to have an appliance such as an electric kettle or any other appliance that consumes a reasonable amount of power switched on, in the region of 1 to 2 kW. While standing in front of the meter observing the regular speed of the wheel or (the meter clock) in your meter, plug the power saver into the extension lead, you will immediately see the wheel speed reduce, this in turn is an immediate indication of future reductions in your Electric Bill.

Installation It is so easy to use, just plug the PowerSaver in any of the indoor outlets of single phase 90V – 250V/ 50 Hz ┬ĘC 60Hz supplies. It will be more efficient if you choose a location where there are fewer appliances nearby and closest to the meter.

Technical Parameter

Rated Voltage : 90v – 250v

Rated Frequency : 50hz – 60hz

Rated Capacity : 15000w

April 18, 2014

Funny Electrical Engineer Moments

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We have all had brain farts when working with electronics and blow stuff up or shock ourselves by accident. Mehdi Sadaghdar from ElectroBoom has made some great Funny Electrical Engineer Moments on video. I don’t think you will gain any useful information from the videos but that is not the point, they were obviously made for fun.


April 7, 2014

USB SD Card that looks like a Apple II Floppy Drive

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USB SD Card that looks like a Apple II Floppy Drive


If you don’t look at the scale of the things around it you might think this drive was ripped out of some vintage gear. It is actually a fully functional USB SD card reader that looks just like an Apple II Floppy Drive.

“A typical USB SD card reader is boring. Why not show your retro affiliation with a Disk II styled reader? Modeled after the iconic Apple II floppy drive from 1978, the shell is 3D printed SLA, painted beige to match the original.”

USB SD Card that looks like a Apple II Floppy Drive_2


March 14, 2014

Voltage Testing Screwdriver Failure

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Have you ever used one of those neon screwdriver voltage testers? I haven’t seen them for a long time but I remember seeing one in a few tool boxes while growing up. I didn’t realize how dangerous they are if the voltage is more than it was designed for! For an interesting experimental test of an insulated screwdriver rated at 1000 V have a look at the 4:45 mark. What is your best guess at what voltage this German made high quality screwdriver will fail at?



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