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January 23, 2016

Mythbusters Imploding Tanker Car

at 9:55 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks

Mythbusters Imploding Tanker Car_2

Mythbusters Imploding Tanker Car


Hard to believe this is the last year for Mythbusters. 🙁 Check out Mythbusters Imploding a Tanker Car. Turns out the structure is very strong as can be expected. But with a small dent in the structure it squashes like a piece of ripe fruit. We can see the same type of implosion on oil drums.


January 20, 2016

Impossible Dovetail made from Metal

at 12:25 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks


At a glance this looks like it could not be possible. This is because your brain looks at this structure based on what it knows. If this were constructed with normal dovetails it would not be able to be built. As a bit of a brain teaser try to determine how this is constructed before you watch the amazing build video.

November 6, 2015

Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai Formation Flight

at 4:40 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks


Watching the Jetman suit flying in formation with the Emirates A380 plane is a heck of a feat. But with enough planning it is possible.

“While the formation flight looked effortless on film, painstaking planning and meticulous collaboration with an intense focus on safety drove all efforts. Click here to watch what went into making the Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai team formation happen.

The carefully choreographed aerial showcase involved the world’s largest passenger aircraft flying at 4,000 feet in two holding patterns. The A380 aircraft was then joined by the Jetmen Dubai duo, experienced pilots and operators of the smallest jet propelled wing, who were deployed from a helicopter that hovered above the aircraft at 5,500 feet. The duo conducted formations on both sides of the aircraft and joined to one side thereafter before breaking away.”


October 22, 2015

Electric Mobility Scooter Hacked for More Speed

at 11:57 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks


When pumping 60 volts into this Electric Mobility Scooter it turns into tons of fun. Their is no soft start on this thing so as soon as the launch button is pressed the motor springs to life. Interestingly enough this scooter has some drag bars that prevent the thing from flipping over backwards. Not sure how long the motor would last with this voltage but it sure looks like fun while it lasts. They even tested it with a few runs at 72 volts! Doesn’t take long to get up to speed with that voltage. The electronics were slightly modified, a nice large contactor was added to allow a small horn button to control the large load. In the end 72 volts was more than the motor could take and it burnt up.

September 8, 2015

Fun with ESP8266 and WS2812B LEDs

at 3:54 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Crazy Hacks


CNLohr has been playing with the popular addressable WS2812B LED lights and the powerful (and cheap) ESP8266.



August 22, 2015

Fun with ESP8266 and WS2812B LEDs

at 12:58 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Crazy Hacks


CNLohr has been playing with the popular addressable WS2812B LED lights and the powerful (and cheap) ESP8266. In these videos he discusses how to optimize their usage together and provides full source code to get a foot hold on your own experiments.


August 19, 2015

Elev-8 Quadcopter Controlled With An Ardupilot Mega Autopilot Build

at 3:42 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks

Wired Up_zpsc2a8mawk


GlassKNees takes us through the build and what was needed to get this quadcopter working. Upgrading the quad to the APM controller required a few modification such as prop rotation to work, this is just since this is not standardized.

“The GPS/magnetometer are inside the white dome, the telemetry transceiver is the little green circuit board on the left with the antenna pointing down – the board has a clear plastic sheath for protection. I’m using a Spektrum 6 channel receiver mounted to the right of the APM. Power comes from an APM power module that I spliced into the power distribution harness.”


Internal Wiring_zpsmqzp8o7p

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