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April 30, 2014

Pyro Board – 2D Rubens’ Tube

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Pyro Board - 2D Rubens' Tube_2


We have all seen what a Ruben’s Tube looks like, check out the Pyro Board which is a 2D version of that. It has two speakers instead of the normal one.  The results are impressive when a sign wave is pumped into the board but when some music is played the effects are very memorizing. I think this is the modern version of watching a campfire.

 Thanks for the tip John.


Pyro Board - 2D Rubens' Tube_3  Pyro Board - 2D Rubens' Tube


March 28, 2014

Kyub – Three-Dimensional Feather Touch MIDI Keyboard

at 8:25 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks

Kyub - Three-Dimensional Feather Touch MIDI Keyboard


Check out the Kyub, it is a Three-Dimensional Feather Touch MIDI Keyboard. It is brought to us by the same inventor that made the servoelectric guitar that we featured in the past.

“The Kyub is a maker friendly, open source MIDI keyboard that provides a new window to musical performance. Capacitive sensing gives the Kyub extremely sensitive action and an internal accelerometer allows the volume of each note to be precisely controlled for versatile musical expression. You can attach multiple Kyubs to a computer synthesizer or digital audio workstation for solo play, jamming with friends, or composition. A computer with a synthesizer program is required to make music,  Almost any computer-based synthesizer can be used–we provide information on connecting the Kyub to the free demo version of Propellerhead Reason which provides access to hundreds of high quality sounds.”


March 10, 2014

Ping Pong Robot

at 10:28 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Cool Gadgets, Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks, Insane Equipment


 If you hate when you don’t have a partner to play ping pong with you why not build a robot. Ulf Hoffmann is an industrial mechanic and has some creative ideas. His Ping Pong Robot (translated) is quite amazing, you can see it in action above. The videos below demonstrate the building blocks to get to where the robot is today.

Via: Laughing Squid



February 2, 2014

Old Electronic Restoration

at 1:00 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks


If you enjoy repairing electronic equipment have a look at bandersentv youtube channel. He finds all sorts of old tube TVs and radios, strips them down to nothing and upgrades them changing out old caps, resistors that have drifted in value and rebuilds tons of other components. This video is just a taste of his videos. If you think that some of the cheap Chinese electronics is scary when you open the hood watch some of the videos where you can see lots of simply point to point wiring of high voltage parts, a few good bumps and I am thinking you will get a nice short to the case!

January 13, 2014

Spinning Tube Trick

at 12:11 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks


This is an interesting phenomenon. Watch the video above to see the Spinning Tube Effect and see the reason it works below.


December 6, 2013

Sydney Mini Maker Faire

at 10:15 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


Dave from the EEVblog checks out the Sydney Mini Maker Faire which was held at the power house museum. Quite a few 3D printers and robots driving around.

At 5:45 there is a guy who does a brain wave scan of people, combines it with weather data and 3D prints a design that combines the two.

At 8:30 you can see some rockets on display outside and a demonstration of a rocket motor being fired (no rocket flights though).

At 10:23 there is an interesting home made segway driven around by a guy with an LED tie.

At 11:30 there is an impressive DIY electric vehicle. It has an interesting display that shows the individual battery voltages


November 17, 2013

Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer

at 3:49 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Insane Equipment

Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer_3338278


Martin Stromer made a great looking Hard Disk Clock that is actually very easy to read and looks like a great art piece at the same time. It is based around the ATMega16 Microcontroller.

“The time is set by turning the disk and setting the read/write head to the desired time by hand. Then you push the reset button on the back (the upper one of the tree on the back) and the clock measures the position of the indicators and sets its internal electronic quartz clock accordingly. For measuring the hour I painted a binary pattern onto the backside of the disk which is illuminated by infrared LEDs and detected by matching infrared light sensors.

For detecting the set minute the read/write head is driven to the outside of the disk until it interrupts the a light barrier. The steps necessary for that are counted, the internal clock is set and the head is driven back to its previous position.

Because the current time is stored in an internally the time display can be restored if it was changed by accident. This does the middle button on the back. Pushing it will turn the disk and move the head to the correct position.”



 Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer_3338298

Hard Disk Clock by Martin Stromer_3338288

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