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April 4, 2014

The Decoliner – Vehicle you can Drive from the Upper Bridge

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Check out the The Decoliner, (starts at 4:32) this vehicle can be driven from the Upper Bridge. It is designed to be the max height to still fit under the normal road obstructions. This amazing vehicle can be driven from the the regular lower driving position but to spice things up you simply take the steering wheel upstairs and continue cruising. I would love to see it pulled over and watch a cop walk up to the empty lower driving position!

“This 26 ft aluminum beauty features a flying bridge, complete with driving station and room for 5 passengers on the roof!”

March 29, 2014

Arduino Solar Tracker

at 6:05 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets


Arduino is 10 years old! In celebration we will feature a project today that uses an Arduino at the core. Solar panels are most efficient when they are pointed directly at the sun but since its position moves across the sky all day the only way to do this is with a solar tracking device. This Arduino Solar Tracker provides the tracking using LDR sensors to detect where the best position of the panel is.

March 28, 2014

Marty McFly Hoverboard

at 5:19 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets


Rodger Cleye is always making crazy things.Check out his latest Marty McFly Hoverboard!

“This H-copter on steroids has an “all up” weight of 20lbs when you add the “Marty” mannequin and 13.4Ah 5S lipo battery. The chassis is made of 300PSI 1/2in PVC. Each motor can handle 1200W but only takes 640W to hover. The battery acts as a counter-balance below the prop line. Flying time is respectable at over 5 minutes thanks to the 83% efficiency of the 12″ props. It is controlled by multiwii 2.3.”

March 26, 2014

Etch A Sketch Laser Cutter

at 2:20 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Etch A Sketch Laser Cutter


Laser machines are very useful pieces of gear. You can send a very precise file to it and it will cut or etch it perfectly and accurately as many times as you like. The entire machine is built with accuracy and repeatability in mind, so what if you want to have some analog fun with it? You would need to do some hacking just like our friend Martin Raynsford from Just Add Sharks has done with his laser cutter. Martin has converted his laser cutter into a huge etch a sketch! He has made it so that the laser is only activated when the unit is moving, high power cuts out shapes and low power etches. A few rotary encoders are read by an Arduino Pro Mini which feeds movement signals into the stepper motor controllers.

Want to see it in person hand has a go at driving it? It will be featured at some of the upcoming UK Maker Faires.


March 22, 2014

RGB Lamp made from an old Scanner

at 2:51 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks

_RGB Lamp made from an old  Scanner


In really old scanners you will normally find a florescent light source but new ones use a RGB light bar to shine on the document being scanned. There are lots of ways to make the thing light since it is a common positive 5 volt RGB light bar. To kick it up a notch Hack Shed decided to tie it into an Arduino and make it totally remote controllable. Watch the video below to see it in action. Check out the build details to get some inspiration and have a look at the code. 

 ”What’s in it?

  • 1x Arduino
  • 1x Arduino Ethernet/SD Shield
  • 1x Micro-SDHC Card
  • 1x Scanner LED RGB
  • Various jumper wires”


March 21, 2014

Toothbrush Timer using a 555 Timer Chip

at 12:37 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks

Toothbrush Timer using a 555 Timer Chip


In this project Steve Hoefer uses some electronics to create some fun chattering teeth that will give you some fun incentive to keep brushing your teeth for long enough to maximize effectiveness. A small microswitch waits for you to remove your toothbrush and the 555 timer goes to work counting down your 2 minute brush time. A servo motor that has been hacked to operate in continuous rotation mode is used to move some chompers up and down during the countdown! When the teeth stop chomping you are all done.




March 18, 2014

Piezoelectric Crystal Speaker Build

at 9:31 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets


If you are into high end audio this project is probably not for you. If you are into tinkering with electronics then dig in. RimstarOrg shows us how to build a Piezoelectric Crystal Speaker. He took a Rochelle Salt Crystal that he made and electrically connected to it using some tinfoil, once rubber banded to a tin can for amplification the speaker was complete. When an alternating voltage is applied to the crystal it will resonate, only problem is that the standard output from his clock radio was not enough to make it loud enough. A transformer wired to amplify the input voltage was used to increase the volume. He then shows some experiments that demonstrate various methods of amplifying the sound using things such as cones.

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