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January 18, 2011

GOSCAM Video Camera Flashlight

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Everyone has used a flashlight before but I bet there wasn’t a built in video recorder in yours. GOSCAM makes a number of items with built in video cameras but this flashlight video camera is the most practical I think.  I can see this being of use to many people from security guards to law enforcement. The system looks just like a normal flashlight, it isn’t until you look very close that you see a small camera behind the glass beside the LEDs. The unit is rugged and waterproof. I also like their battery design. It can be inserted either way since it’s polarity insensitive, both positive and negative are provided in the same position on the front and back of the battery. We have talked about the need to put batteries in the correct way before, one solution was to have a holder that adapted for reverse battery insertion but I like this method better where the battery is identical in both directions.


· Real-time video and audio recording
· Supports up to 32GB of internal memory
· Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery
· 1 watt adjustable brightness, multi-function LEDs
· Up to 3.5 hours of continuous operation
· Manufactured and tested to IP65 waterproof standard
· Compact, sturdy, reliable construction
· USB2.0 port for easy direct-to-computer file transfer
· Video output format: AVI “

January 16, 2011

CES 2011 Hilton Convention Center Walkthrough

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The Consumer Electronics Show is so large that it doesn’t all fit into the Las Vegas Convention Center so they have it spread into a few other convention centers. This is the Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center, at first I thought it was separated into many different countries but it looks like it is all different sections of China. There is everything you can imagine here. This was filmed on the last day of CES and just a few hours before it was closing. Some of the vendors were starting to take down some of their items but most of them were just relaxing at this point of the event. The crazy bright LED at the end of the video doesn’t look very dramatic on camera since the automatic exposure compensated for it right away but trust me, this is the brightest LED I have ever seen before!

January 15, 2011

muRata Boy and Girl Demonstration and Technical Overview at CES 2011

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The first video is the basic muRata Boy and muRata Girl demonstration that was being done on the hour during the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. This is actually the first CES that muRata has attended, they would have been there every year if you looked inside the electronics that were brought there by other companies though since muRata manufactures components that are very common and can be found in most consumer electronics. To demonstrate some of the capabilities of their components muRata has developed two cool robotic platforms. muRara boy has been featured here before but muRata girl is a new one to the pages of Hacked Gadgets. muRata girl uses similar technologies as the boy except she is on a unicycle instead of a bicycle. The demonstration went off without a hitch, when there is something this complex being demoed I have often wondered how many takes it took to get it right.

The team at muRata were kind enough to give us a private technical demonstration after the main show. In the second video you will learn a bit more of the technical details behind the robots and see the computer that is interfacing to the robots. On the computer you can see the live video output from the head mounted camera in muRata Boy’s head. Have a close look and you will see me taking a picture of muRata Boy taking a picture of me, there must be some law of physics that was violated there. 🙂 I had a great time with the muRata team and can’t wait to see what they are showing off next year!


CES 2011 muRata Boy and muRata Girl Demonstration

muRata Boy Technical Overview


Hanvon Color E-Reader Review from CES 2011

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Our friend Max from Zedomax checked out the first color e-reader over at the Hanvon CES 2011 booth. The 9.7 inch e-reader has a resolution of 1024 X 600. Just like the Amazon Kindle, this Hanvon e-reader doesn’t use any power when it’s displaying the page, it only consumes power to generate a new page. So if you have read 500 pages over a 2 day period only the generation of the 500 pages is what consumed power, the power consumption would have been the same if you read 500 pages over a 2 week period. With a battery life of 10,000 page turns this thing will hardly ever need a charge.

If you are not so interested in the technology that Hanvon is demonstrating have a look at the video and pictures after the jump, it might get you more interested about the Hanvon product offerings. Sorry about the lack of audio for the product introductions, I am blaming it on a technical glitch but it was simply my fault for having the camcorder in a wrong audio setting… I found it funny how branding took a back seat in this booth, the arms of the girls are branded with the same paper Hanvon labels as the cans of Mountain Dew that were handed out after the show.


January 14, 2011

muRata Capacitive Coupling Wireless Charging System

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muRata manufactures technology that goes into many of the electronic items we use every day. They have some new technology that is sure to be a hit in our busy lives. One thing that I hate is the 4 or 6 plug in transformers around the house that I need to keep all the battery operated electronic items charged. There are quite a few charging pads entering the market to solve this cable clutter issue but this Capacitive Coupling Wireless Charging System that muRata has developed is sure to become popular when it is compared to the typical inductive charging systems. The technology is quite small and muRata is willing to work to help manufactures implement their design ideas. One big advantage of the capacitive charging system compared to the typical inductive method is that there are no coils to align. I like the large charging pad design which could sit on a table by the entry way and all of the devices that we use in our daily could just be tossed onto the pad in any place it would fit.

HAL Legs – Cyberdyne Hybrid Control System at CES 2011

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Would you like to know what it feels like to have bionic legs? I think we would need to talk with Evan Ackerman to hear about what it was like since I don’t think most of us will get to test drive these legs any time soon. Evan got a chance to use the Cyberdyne Hybrid Control System (HAL) at the Consumer Electronic Show 2011.

Via: Adafruit

iRobot AVA Mobile Robotics Platform at CES 2011

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iRobot was at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 showing off their latest creation, it is their iRobot AVA Mobile Robotics Platform. It is a demonstration platform which demonstrates what iRobot is capable of doing. This robot is packed with technology such as 3D imaging, sonar and laser range finding. You can just imagine the possible capabilities for this platform. I could see it recording and delivering video messages within a factory where the workers do not have email.

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