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December 23, 2007

Bob Funk – Hacked Gadgets Author

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Bob had been working in the electronics industry since 1976 in one form or another until 2005 when he stepped off the treadmill of corporate life to start his own business with his wife, Donna.

His scientific life ranged from repairing consumer electronics to calibrating electronic and mechanical equipment but the last 10 years were at AT&T/Lucent Technologies developing Cell Phone Base Station equipment. During this time he also managed to spend 12 years as an Emergency Medical Technician and 4 years in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Somehow he even squeezed in a short stint as an ISO 9000 auditor. He always seemed to be finding a new way to get something done with what was at hand. US patent number 6,766,164 replaced half a million dollars worth of equipment with a few thousand dollars of off the shelf parts. It took longer to write the patent application then it did to block out the idea.

Since opening Moon Doggie Coffee Roasters his hacking has been more theoretical then practical but that is going to change soon. The actual roasting process can be semi-automated to give the roaster more time for quality control. He has also discovered the Steampunk art form. Bob can just imagine redoing this big, noisy, smoking machine into a work of art.

In the mean time, Bob is very happy to be joining the stable of Hacked Gadget authors.

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