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March 12, 2017

Great Alternative to Regular Helping Hands

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Proto G shows us a Great Alternative to Regular Helping Hands. We use them all the time to hold a few things in place when you are soldering etc. But they are often not as precise as you would like to have them. These machinist  clamps and articulating arm look to be a great addition to any work bench.



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3 Responses to “Great Alternative to Regular Helping Hands”

  1. Max Says:

    Well, hopefully nobody minds that you could probably buy several dozen typical “helping hands” for the price of two decent arms and magbases…

  2. abbtech Says:

    True, the price would be much more but when precision is needed it might be just the thing. I have seen that type of locking mechanism used on high end camera gear also, makes it super easy to manipulate all angles and then tighten all joints at once. A cheaper China knock off might do the trick here.

  3. Tony Says:

    Even the cheap Chinese knock-off will cost you $30-$40 (red one in the video, about 350mm). You can get smaller ones (the blue one where the arm is about 120mm) for under $20.

    As an aside, you can get the arm without the magnetic base so you can screw it onto whatever you like.

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