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March 7, 2017

Open Source Firmware for DPS5005 Power Supply

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This DPS5005  Power Supply is a powerful compact unit. It has a ton of functionality as it is. Johan Kanflo wanted some more features though. He created an Open Source Firmware version for DPS5005 Power Supply to add those features.  Unfortunately the firmware was locked so it couldn’t be sucked out and examined / modified. The PCB has a serial port that is wired to the controller but is not active so it looks like they had a goal to allow this unit to be remotely controlled but never got to it or it might possibly be in a different version of the power supply. Johan reverse engineered how the controller operates the power supply hardware and developed new software to get the features working again but with a more intuitive feel. The serial port is also enabled allowing the power supply to be remotely interfaced with.

Via: Hackaday

“The reverse engineering of the DPS5005 can be summarised as “bring up of the STM32 based DPS5005 hardware and writing an application for it”. This is pretty much my day job but I always have the hardware schematics and the hardware design engineer at hand. This time, obviously, I had neither which was a bit more challenging. So where do one start? Looking at the PCB, I quickly found the serial port. That was a dud, completely silent. Fake port! I later realised the DPS5005 stock firmware does not even initialise the serial port. ”



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One Response to “Open Source Firmware for DPS5005 Power Supply”

  1. Max Says:

    Props for the effort, but regrettably I have less than zero confidence in the work of someone who sets out to reverse engineer something but does “not have the time to play with iron and solder wick”. Or indeed thinks that the ILI9163C has an SPI interface (it doesn’t, the data pin is a bidirectional bastard) – or thinks that grounding the SPI select pin is “a clever way of saving one pin” (it never is – that pin is the only thing standing between working hardware and a failure as soon as the first clock glitch breaks sync between the master and the slave; it’s there to reset communication at the beginning of each transfer: page 21 of Ilitek datasheet, section 6.2.1, second paragraph). Cute, but no thanks.

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