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November 18, 2016

How does Fusion Energy Work

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Kurzgesagt has released a great video that explains Fusion Energy.  At this time Fusion Energy is not practicable as an energy source but after Elon Musk is done with kitting out the Gigafactory he has the deep enough pockets that could toy with Fusion Energy.

“Fusion power is energy generated by nuclear fusion. Fusion reactions fuse two lighter atomic nuclei to form a heavier nucleus. It is a major area of plasma physics research that attempts to harness such reactions as a source of large scale sustainable energy. Fusion reactions are how stars transmute matter into energy.

In most large scale commercial programs, heat from neutron scattering in a controlled reaction is used to operate a steam turbine that drives electric generators. Many fusion concepts are under investigation. The current leading designs are the tokamak and inertial confinement by laser. As of January 2016, these technologies were not viable, as they cannot produce more energy than is required to initiate and sustain a fusion reaction.”






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One Response to “How does Fusion Energy Work”

  1. Max Says:

    The thing is, building a better electric car or a rocket that can land again are mostly engineering problems, but I would not dare to call fusion “solved science”. Yes, the nuclear process is known and old hat, but the physics of the plasma involved, especially keeping it all stable long enough for practical purposes is definitely not a done deal. There’s a reason even ITER itself is meant to be a test facility rather than a functional plant. Elon is brilliant with engineering but he has yet to prove he can crack scientific problems too, not to mention footing the bill of many billions such stuff allegedly costs. What he definitely _could_ actually play around with – “focus fusion” – seems rather neglected these days (I only know of the Lawrenceville Plasma Physics lab in the US) and also needs lots of research, but at least Musk could definitely afford to it.

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