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September 27, 2016

Tiny C64 Hardware Emulator

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For everyone that has a fond memory of the C64 this tiny emulator might be of interest. The kickstarter failed but everything is listed so you can make your own.
Via: Make

“Hardware components

MCU: STM32F756IGK6 (ARM Cortex-M7, 216Mhz, UFBGA176)
HDMI transmitter: ADV7511W (165Mhz, LQFP-64)
SDRAM: IS42S16400J-5BL (200Mhz, 64 Mbit, FBGA)


Mathias created the MEMWA2 using a custom-designed 6-layer PCB just big enough (65 X 45 X 20mm) to fit the electronics, which include a STMicroelectronics MCU (Arm Cortex-M7 running @ 216MHz), 256Mb of Alliance Memory DRAM (200Mhz, 64 Mbit, FBGA) and an Analog Devices HDMI transmitter for wirelessly outputting audio and video to any display.”