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September 30, 2016

RGB Light Stick Painting

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RGB Light Stick Painting doesn’t look very impressive when you watch it in action but with a long exposure and some well timed flashing lights the end result is amazing. The slow fading colors and a simple twirl of the stick looks very nice. The stick has 200 LEDs and is 2 meters tall. Not sure what is powering the unit but I suspect the LEDs are serial and have a microcontroller that reads in data from a SD card and displays the content line by line after being initiated by the push of a button.

Thanks for the tip Jim.



September 29, 2016

DIY EMP Generator

at 10:39 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks


FPS Weapons has built this DIY EMP Generator. It uses some off the shelf components to generate some large EMP pulses with the push of a button. The device runs off a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a high voltage converter goes through a spark gap and then through a coil. The coil was made using some varnished wire. Hot glue was used liberally to keep everything in place. Use this device with caution since permanent electronic damage can occur with this type of device.


September 27, 2016

Tiny C64 Hardware Emulator

at 10:00 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks


For everyone that has a fond memory of the C64 this tiny emulator might be of interest. The kickstarter failed but everything is listed so you can make your own.
Via: Make

“Hardware components

MCU: STM32F756IGK6 (ARM Cortex-M7, 216Mhz, UFBGA176)
HDMI transmitter: ADV7511W (165Mhz, LQFP-64)
SDRAM: IS42S16400J-5BL (200Mhz, 64 Mbit, FBGA)


Mathias created the MEMWA2 using a custom-designed 6-layer PCB just big enough (65 X 45 X 20mm) to fit the electronics, which include a STMicroelectronics MCU (Arm Cortex-M7 running @ 216MHz), 256Mb of Alliance Memory DRAM (200Mhz, 64 Mbit, FBGA) and an Analog Devices HDMI transmitter for wirelessly outputting audio and video to any display.”





September 20, 2016

LED Snowflakes by Mike Harrison

at 10:26 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


Mike Harrison built this interesting LED mall display. For single install design it is quite involved, the system is very flexible allowing for it to be easily programmed and interfaced to. The use of RGB and a white LED is an interesting way to ensure you get a pure white light with no color mixing needed.



September 18, 2016

How to Build IOT Devices – Talk by Joe Menard

at 11:33 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks


Joe Menard had many needs for IOT devices in his life, he is an electrical engineer but needed fill in lots of programming knowledge to get his ideas to come to life. He started at a very low level even building a switch mode power supply, with 170 volts on board trace spacing was something that was very important. For the enclosures he didn’t simply buy something and stuff his circuit into it, he custom designed it and 3D printed it.


September 8, 2016

HP Scanjet 4C Keytar

at 5:50 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks, Electronic Hacks


Using some Arduinos and a few other electronic bits this HP Scanjet 4C is made into a musical device by “playing” the stepper motor. The result is one of the best stepper motor musical items I have seen.

“You may of heard of a popular flat bed scanner named the HP Scanjet. This scanner had a hidden command set within the Scanner Control Language which allows you to send musical notes directly to the stepper motor. This is a tedious method where you have to enter the notes and durations manually into a text file (similar to G-Code on a CNC Machine). I have always used and will always use this method for my Old School music videos however I wanted to try and build a MIDI controlled stepper motor.”

September 6, 2016

Slow Motion Peeps vs 50 cal Bullet

at 5:49 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks


You have probably never considered how many peeps would need to be between you and a 50 cal bullet to save your life. Just in case this situation ever arises this video will help you stay protected! Not very scientific but you can see the cool result at 1:44.


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