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May 23, 2016

Carbon M1 Printer Demo

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Tested got a look at the new Carbon M1 3D printer. They are still a bit secretive on some of the special sauce that differentiates it from the competition but their technology allows the system to print very quickly. It looks almost magical since the part grows out of the media dish. This is because the projection system is at work in the base and works by interacting with the media at the bottom of the transparent media container. The build platform lifts the fused 3D part up and out of the dish as it is created. The materials that they can print range from rigid to very soft and flexible. The idea is that the machine could be used to make production parts on demand, instead of warehousing a large number of parts a company could have the design files and a printer that can print on demand.

HARNESSING LIGHT AND OXYGEN TO PRODUCE OBJECTS FROM A POOL OF RESIN, CLIP is a photochemical process that eliminates the shortcomings of conventional 3D printing by harnessing light and oxygen to rapidly produce objects from a pool of resin. From everyday products like tennis shoes and electronics, to industrial components, to highly customizable medical devices, CLIP makes it possible for creators to design the parts and products of the future.




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2 Responses to “Carbon M1 Printer Demo”

  1. Marty Says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing the videos. Its definitely the next generation printing technique.

  2. ohararp Says:

    Alan, this is a cool technology howev3er at the end of the day it’s still SLA. I saw their demo at RAPID this year. Trouble is they want $120K per machine! Form2 is a way way better buy. Ryan

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