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May 7, 2016

Bike2 – Chainless Electric Bicycle

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Interesting concept, lots of the bikes we see today are mechanical bikes first with some add on electronics and motors that make them electric assisted. The motors are normally hub motors that are mounted within the wheel(s). The electronics connect to the brakes to sense when the user is braking and has a throttle to power the electric assist motor. If the battery is dead you are still able to use the bike as a regular pedal power bike. The Bike2  is a true electric bike first and has bike pedals available to simply generate electricity that can charge the batteries. Great concept but I wonder how it feels when the battery is dead or even if you can ride the bike with a completely dead battery. I think a regular bike rider would find it awkward at the beginning since the revolution of the pedals would not correspond with the speed of the bike.

“BIKE2 incorporates state of the art components for uncomplicated great technology at your fingertips (toe-tips), ergonomics and design. The system consists of innovative drive system components and is compact, silent and comes with a programmable interface for different speeds and cadence.
The absense of a chain allows different types of frames and customizable structures.”





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One Response to “Bike2 – Chainless Electric Bicycle”

  1. dffdggfdgd Says:

    The whole point behind a bicycle is efficiency. A chain and cog drivetrain is very efficient – even in not great condition, bicycle drivetrains are around 93-98% efficient.

    The efficiency of a generator and hub motor, both with planetary gears not as efficient as a chain, circuitry on both ends, a battery charging+discharging in the middle…what do you suppose the efficiency is there?

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