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April 3, 2016

Triton Re-Breather – Breathe Underwater

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UPDATE: Read the comments before thinking this is real. 🙁

Breathe Underwater with this Triton Re-Breather.

Via OhGizmo

Triton. A state-of-the-art oxygen respirator, that allows you to breathe underwater up to 45 minutes and at a maximum depth of 15ft by utilizing our ‘artificial gills’ technology. Swim among tropical fish, marvel at exotic coral and experience the serene beauty of marine life − without having to come up for air. ”



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19 Responses to “Triton Re-Breather – Breathe Underwater”

  1. Scam Says:

    It’s a scam.

  2. Paul Says:

    If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is. Luckily someone else already did the math:


  3. BobHope Says:

    It’s a hoax. http://www.snopes.com/triton-scuba-mask-design/

  4. Rimpelbekkie Says:

    Before investing your money in this, please read:https://gearjunkie.com/triton-artificial-gills-breathe-underwater

  5. uh oh Says:

    This product was exposed to be misleading. Those “artificial gills” contain liquid oxygen tanks and do not exchange dissolved gases with the water. https://gearjunkie.com/refunded-triton-artificial-gills-campaign-update

  6. Jon Braidek Says:

    I recall from previous research that there are significant problems with the rebreather concept. Think of the interior surface area of your lungs, a working rebreather would have to have at least as much exposed surface area. You Might want to look at this link:

  7. Tommy 2Tall Says:

    Vaporware for sure.



  8. Max Says:

    I don’t think scams should be publicized (without a warning at least). Not everyone can assess how far off the deep end a claim is…

  9. Blake Says:

    I agree completely. Plenty have scientists have busted this as complete scifi

  10. Dan Says:

    @Max: “…how far off the deep end a claim is…”

    You’re right! With something like this, people could re-finance their homes and get underwater very quickly.

    Personally, I think the developers of this should go jump in a lake (WITH one of these as their only breathing option).

    I’ll stop making these puns go now before people tell me I’m all wet…

  11. Annie Says:

    Maybe but the teardown of a real rebreather would be nice to sea, er see.

  12. Krusty Says:

    There’s a good deal of debunking this scam here –


  13. NoOne Says:

    Scm whichn is around since late 2013 as I remember.

    See some math here:

  14. Brent Rockwell Says:

    A lot of people in the scientific community are screaming foul on this one.
    They’ve already had to refund everyone already, and keep tweaking their claims.
    If it’s real, I’d rather wait and pay more than fund something that turns out to be false.

  15. Xaliax Says:

    Really? Just really???? This has been proved fake over and over and yet you publish it? You’ve lost all my credibility with this post.

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    OK, so it looks like this is not viable. Hopefully in the future this is a real product. Thanks for all the links guys!

  17. Annie Says:

    The real rebreathers are huge.

  18. tytower Says:

    So rebreathers are out .
    How about heavy breathers ….any of them swimming around with the fishes?

  19. Tony Says:

    Well Ty, if you give it a bit of thought (and I doubt your ability to do that) they won’t be heavy breathing for all that long.

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