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March 18, 2016

Cheap Chinese LCD Projector Teardown

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FFcossag works at an electronics repair company. In came one of these Cheap Chinese LCD Projectors, based on the dangerous mains input and build quality it was not worth repairing. Looks like it was just thrown together with a make it work attitude and no quality or longevity in mind. Once inside the system you can see the main AC connector is hot glued in place! There are also many internal boards and cables that are held in place with duct tape. At 14:00 you can see some strange hot glued feature board stuck on under the main optics, have a look at 23:50 to see what the mystery part is. Even though this is called an HD device the true resolution is not even close. Funny thing is that since it is built from a bunch of modular parts some of the sections like the power supply look not bad at a glance. I love the big lens though, I could put that to good work when making some close up videos!


March 17, 2016

Building a 3D LED Spectrum Analyser

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Are you looking for a new project and have 3 or 4 months to dedicate to it this 3D LED Spectrum Analyser Project by Pianistos might be just the ticket. If you don’t have access to some of the equipment that he has it could take even longer though! He is able to make a bunch of jigs that allow him to quickly place and solder hundreds of connections where if you were using helping hands they would not be as accurate and would take 10 times as long. You can grab the software here if you are thinking of building your own. You can see it in action below with some amazing piano work by the project builder.

“I found the 8x8x8 ledcube project really cool but I did not want to blindly copy it because it would not have been new. After thinking a bit I got an idea to build a 3D spectrum analyser that reacts to music and here is the result! It is amazing to play piano with it.

HolKann (alias) is a friend of mine who wrote the code for this project. After I built the spectrum analyser I asked him to help me with the programming and he was happy to work on the project! It was a learning experience for both of us. Of course I had to have an idea on how and what should be programmed before building this thing but I needed someone to write an optimal code in order for the microprocessor to execute the algorithms at the desired speed. After some evenings of programming we finally got this thing working. We squeezed all juices out of the microprocessor to get a refresh rate of 80 fps and a beat response of about 12ms (the time it takes to process the audio signal and to show it visually)! If there is no input signal for longer than 1 minute the spectrum analyser turns off automatically.”


March 15, 2016

Louis Rossmann from Rossmann Repair Group Shares Repair Techniques

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Louis Rossmann operates a Apple device repair business called Rossmann Repair Group in New York. His videos show a no bull view on what he thinks of Apple, Customers and running a Small Business. Even though Louis specializes in fixing Apple devices he doesn’t give them any slack in their business practices. He troubleshoots and fixes boards which allows him to install a few pieces of jumper wires and a few dollars of components instead of swapping hundreds of dollars of boards. I love the space that he works in, it is tiny and cramped since he is in a high rent area. But the amount of work that he can crank out of this space is amazing and inspiring to everyone with a home lab. He specializes in Apple devices since he can stock just a few components to fix most of their popular devices. And we know that there are lots of Apple devices out there since Apple is the most valuable company in the world.


March 13, 2016

DIY Styrofoam Cutter

at 10:59 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks


If you are into arts and crafts cutting foam is a great simple way to create some interesting projects. By running high current through a light gauge wire is a great way to burn down your house if it is wiring in your walls but if this wire is a bare piece of wire when it gets hot it is a nice way to slice through some foam. The shorter the piece of wire the lower the resistance, not sure I would attach a piece as small as was connected directly to the lantern battery but it didn’t explode into a million pieces of acid so I guess all is good. In the final design the dimmer switch is used to adjust the amount of power the 12 volt transformer outputs. When selecting the dimmer make sure it is designed for transformer loads since most dimmers simply chop out some of the sign wave which can cause transformer damage. It would be best to install it into a metal switch box also for safety.

The rig looks great and is built from inexpensive materials so it would be simple to adjust to fit your requirements.






March 11, 2016

Inside Amazon Dash Button

at 10:02 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Teardown

Amazon Dash Button_tide

Brian Dipert has taken a look Inside the Amazon Dash Button. If you haven’t seen these before it is a little IOT device that is connected to your Amazon account and will order you some new products with the touch of a button. The design is battery operated and is small enough to be stuck where it could be pressed as soon as you realize you are out of something. Gone are the grocery lists or the notes on the fridge. Just check your mailbox in a few days and your daily staples that you ordered with your finger will be there. The device is basically free but there is actually quite a bit of tech inside.

Via: Electronics Lab

“The Amazon Dash appears to be based on a Broadcom WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) reference design module. Combine the Wi-Fi IC and the microcontroller into one packaged device, by the way, and you end up with the USI (Universal Scientific Industrial) WM-N-BM-09 WICED module, which forms the foundation of the $19 Spark Photon development kit.”

Amazon Dash Button_inside

Amazon Dash Button

March 10, 2016

Laser Scanning Spectral Confocal Microscope Teardown

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Mike has purchased a huge piece of electro-mechanical gear. Looks like this Laser Scanning Spectral Microscope would have cost the same as a small house at one time. Interesting to see how much in in this box of goodies. In the first video Mike goes over the internals of the system, in the 2nd video he gets the argon laser to fire! It takes a killowatt of power so this is no joke. If you want to know more Confocal Microscopes the last video gives a great overview.




March 8, 2016

Exoskeleton Spine Brace for Scoliosis

at 5:19 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Crazy Hacks


We have seen Robotic Exoskeletons before, they are normally devices that make people have extra ordinary powers. Want to lift heavy items with ease? A Robotic Exoskeleton can probably help. This Exoskeleton Spine Brace for Scoliosis allows for the system to auto correct using a mechanical system. Scoliosis is a condition that causes an abnormal curve in the spine, traditional treatment is a rigid plastic brace. The brace has sensors that allows it to use force feedback to move to the correct position.


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