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March 18, 2016

Cheap Chinese LCD Projector Teardown

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FFcossag works at an electronics repair company. In came one of these Cheap Chinese LCD Projectors, based on the dangerous mains input and build quality it was not worth repairing. Looks like it was just thrown together with a make it work attitude and no quality or longevity in mind. Once inside the system you can see the main AC connector is hot glued in place! There are also many internal boards and cables that are held in place with duct tape. At 14:00 you can see some strange hot glued feature board stuck on under the main optics, have a look at 23:50 to see what the mystery part is. Even though this is called an HD device the true resolution is not even close. Funny thing is that since it is built from a bunch of modular parts some of the sections like the power supply look not bad at a glance. I love the big lens though, I could put that to good work when making some close up videos!