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February 29, 2016

Howe & Howe RS-1 Gremlin – Mini Unmanned Tank

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The Howe & Howe RS-1 Gremlin – Mini Unmanned Tank is an flexible system that allows the user to scope out areas that would be dangerous to walk into with a human. Since this can be controlled remotely the human operator can be situated in a safe location while only the robot it put in harms way. All we need now are some autonomous quadcopters mounted to the frame which could also provide live aerial video of the scene.

Via: TechEblog
“Based on the RS‐1™ modular platform, the Gremlin ™ is a system designed to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s safety. Howe and Howe Tech has designed this platform by addressing the dangers the first responders, military, and civilian clients encounter, and keeping them from dangerous environments. With a remotely controlled platform, remotely controlled payload the Gremlin package is perfect for active shooter neutralization, sniper applications, riot control, or for use as a hostage resolution tool. With the ability for a lethal or non-lethal payload this package is truly a versatile problem solving tool. The RS1‐G3 “Gremlin” ™ was developed for the U.S. Military and is not for private sector purchase.”


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2 Responses to “Howe & Howe RS-1 Gremlin – Mini Unmanned Tank”

  1. Max Says:

    Now I’m kinda wondering how well these do on a non-strictly-flat terrain (hey, they did say “all” and real forests are definitely not chessboards…). My first impression was these might be somewhat top-heavy and the way they wobble getting out of the creek did nothing to allay those concerns.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Max, Yea depending on what is bolted on top I can see these being a bit top heavy. I would live to play a million dollar version of paintball with some of the new 3D cameras setup on these and VR goggles.

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