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February 7, 2016

Automated Telemarketer Blackhole

at 2:52 pm. Filed under Funny Hacks


We all hate telemarketers and scammers. They often call us and have a script that they go through with a point of not taking no for an answer. It is very hard to nicely tell them that you are not interested. Lenny from Toao.net is an automated system that answers the phone and interacts in a plausible way as an elderly male. Next time you get a telemarketer call you why not transfer them over to Lenny at 1-347-514-7296, it looks like the line is taken down from time to time when prank callers abuse the line.

“The 99% are the telemarketers who don’t respect the Do Not Call List.  Or they purchase a copy of it, and market specifically to it.  Perhaps they’re exempt from respecting the DNCL, and they call people who are listed just because they can.  They run credit card or vacation scams.  They spoof their Caller ID so you think it’s your neighbour calling you.  They call at 9PM and wake your kids up.

For those telemarketers, there is Lenny.  Lenny is a hilarious set of very convincing recordings designed to fool telemarketers into thinking they’ve called a real person.”