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February 1, 2016

Fast Workers winding Coils

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There are some electronic components that you just assume are cranked out of a machine that has a hopper of raw materials on one end and finished goods coming out of the other. Check out the amazingly fast worker making coils at 1:03. I wonder how far off our robotic technology is till we can have a robot perform this job. A person can be trained to do it very fast but even just having a robot pick up and mount one of the cores from a pile on the table is a hard task.

I can see a small bit of automation going such a long way in lots of these videos. I can’t imagine having the bagel job at 1:49, I have seen a rolling machine at our local bagel shop that can just crank them out automatically. Hard to believe that with a slab of dough that big that any company would process it by hand.

I think 6:57 shows us one of the most dangerous jobs I have seen. Can a person do this job for a day without loosing a finger? Some chainmail gloves would surly be a good minimum requirement. I wonder if something like sawstop could be used in this application. If the operator had on some insulating rubber gloves over the protective chainmail I think it would be possible. Stop saw uses a one time destructive stop but I think a different mechanism could be used to disengage the motor and clamp the blade would work since the mass of the bandsaw blade if much less than the spinning blade of a table saw.




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One Response to “Fast Workers winding Coils”

  1. Tony Says:

    You don’t wear gloves around moving parts. The chainmail glove won’t protect you, it’ll simply get snagged and pull your hand in, closely followed by the rest of you.

    (The exception is those thin nitrile gloves that tear easily.)

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