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January 18, 2016

Screen Printing Electroluminescent Lights On Clothing

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AMBRO Labs is playing with Screen Printing Electroluminescent Lights On Clothing. I think in the near future this will be common place to see clothing that adds a bit of light to the design. We have seen lots of sew on items from the maker side of things but if would be nice to see some things that has been silk screened directly onto the fabric.

“We’ve screen printed our first successful prototype today.  This proof of concept shows that our EL screen printing technology works for fabric and garments.  Our next steps will be to integrate the EL screen printed fabric with sewable electronics including conductive thread and popular wearable platforms.”


January 14, 2016

Deadly Cup Water Heater

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We have testing agencies that will happily test your mains connected electrical devices and allow you to use the agency symbol if your device passes their battery of tests and determines that it is safe for consumers to use. Bigclive.com shows us that there is a company that is making a device that works well but is dangerous as hell. The device he found basically connects mains voltage directly to exposed electrodes that can be dunked into a cup of water. Might as well just strip the wires from an extension cord and dunk it into your coffee cup! A safe version of this product can be seen at the beginning of the video that shows a heating element that operates just like a heating element on your stove where the live electrode is run in the center of a metal sleeve which is also often grounded. Interesting thing is that the plug is a North American standard type which is 110VAC and he is plugging it into a plug converter that is connecting it to 220VAC.  He has it connected to a power meter and it is consuming the rated power. A look at the data sheet does confirm that the device is rated for 220VAC. Strange since it has a 11VAC plug…

If you operate the device as it says, never in a metal cup, never stick your fingers in the water when operating etc then chances are you would never have a bad day with this item but of course shit happens and this is bound to happen which is the same reason desk fans have guards around the blades instead of a warning not to stick your fingers into the blades when operating.


Deadly Cup Water Heater


January 10, 2016

Fake Eggs

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There are lots of companies faking electronics. Look like the next trend is faking food like eggs! There is already enough additives in modern food from the grocery store. Just imagine if the eggs in the carton didn’t come from chickens. Thankfully in Canada the only thing I need to be cautious about are free range eggs being mislabeled.






January 7, 2016

EHANG 184 Flying Vehicle

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EHANG 184 Flying Vehicle_4

Quadcopters are exploding in popularity. The EHANG 184 kicks it up a notch by building a craft that will be smart enough to automatically fly the passenger to the desired location with some simple interaction with the touch screen navigation system. The 4 prop arms fold up to lessen the overall footprint when not in flight. Each of the arms has 2 props with high power custom motors. The system will have a flight time of 23 minutes and can fly at 100km/h. With a charge time of 2 to 4 hours this would allow for a nice short commuter vehicle.

Via: The Verge





DIY Cell Phone Klick Quick Button

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This is a DIY Cell Phone Klick Quick Button by Roman UrsuHack. You can get these for about $1 on eBay or just over $2 on Amazon but building your own might be fun and chances you have everything you need laying around. Great idea to add some extra simple functionality to your phone, turns out the simple headphone jack is getting more versatile as time goes on. I still remember when it was just for headphones. 🙂 I am sure some people these days think of it as the Square Credit Card Reader jack.

January 3, 2016

FPGA RGB LED Matrix Driver Project

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If you are looking for an interesting FPGA project this FPGA RGB LED Matrix Driver Project looks interesting. There is a great overview of how the project was designed. Interfacing to the large display is quite complex but by doing it using a FPGA they have control over every aspect of what the hardware is doing. The current design uses the display as dumb output which gets what is to be displayed from a bluetooth connected computer.

“The various components of the overall system (PLL, UART, and Display Controller) are shown along with the simulation data. The outputs of the Spartan-6 FPGA board are then measured using a Keysight S-Series oscilloscope. The design of the RGB matrix is also demonstrated using a custom clock interface sent wirelessly to the unit via Bluetooth.”


January 1, 2016

Making Fireworks

at 8:08 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks

Happy New Year! You might have shot off a few fireworks off last night. After you view a few of these videos you might build one or two of your own next time. Of course the materials used are very dangerous so it isn’t for the faint of heart. Other than the fact that you are working with explosives it is very much like any other arts and crafts project.





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