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January 25, 2016

Extreme Teardown of Dangerous Power Bar

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John Ward does an Extreme Teardown of Dangerous Power Bar. It is very drawn out but demonstrates how electrical equipment as simple as a power bar should not be assumed to be safe. This power bar has a lot of bogus specs on the packaging and at a glance looks to be of ok quality. As you will see looks is all it has going for it. The rest of it is complete dangerous junk.


Video 1 interesting points.
At the 7:25 mark we can see they cheaped out and didn’t mold the plug large enough to meet the standard, as you will see this is a minor issue for this thing. At 15:25 the dangerous LED power on indicator can be seen, drop this once and this power on indicator will happily short out the incoming power.

Now even though the ground has no connection from the plug to outlets have a look at the gauge of wire they are using at 21:03. I wouldn’t power computer speakers with this crap. The mains wires are also massively undersized but are surprisingly a different size than the ground. The wires are also not copper! They are some type of plated wire, probably what every was cheapest in the market on production day.


Video 2 interesting points.
John takes apart the plug to determine why there is no ground connection from the ground pin to the ground wire. At 4:30 we can see that there was no attempt to connect the green wire to the ground pin, the wire is just jammed into the plug before it was injected with plastic.

Video 3 interesting parts.
My favorite part of Johns teardown testing is when he tests the wiring under load. When the cable is loaded to 8 amps at 2:20 which is within it’s rated load it completely fails. If that weren’t bad enough at 13:00 we can see that the body of the power bar is not close to being flame retardant.