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January 7, 2016

EHANG 184 Flying Vehicle

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EHANG 184 Flying Vehicle_4

Quadcopters are exploding in popularity. The EHANG 184 kicks it up a notch by building a craft that will be smart enough to automatically fly the passenger to the desired location with some simple interaction with the touch screen navigation system. The 4 prop arms fold up to lessen the overall footprint when not in flight. Each of the arms has 2 props with high power custom motors. The system will have a flight time of 23 minutes and can fly at 100km/h. With a charge time of 2 to 4 hours this would allow for a nice short commuter vehicle.

Via: The Verge






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One Response to “EHANG 184 Flying Vehicle”

  1. Paul Barakis Says:

    This is amazing! no pilot needed. This is what the future for travel looks like.

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