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December 8, 2015

DIY 3D Light Box

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If you are looking for a cool looking wall hanging that could be created with a knife, or better yet a laser cutter check out this project ides. Various layers of craft board are used to create a depth design that has an interesting effect when it is lit in layers. A nice small microcontroller and some LEDs is all you need on the electronic side of things. watch at 4:25 to see the light effect.

December 6, 2015

Name the Thing Contest – 289

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The prize this week is a HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer Sensor so you can add some directionality to your next project. This contest will run for one week (December 6 – December 11, 2015). Ending time is based on central standard time. To enter, identify the item above and what it can be used for.

Please do not give the answer in the comments.

Send an email to contest @ hackedgadgets.com with “Name the Thing Contest” as the subject, and the message body consisting of:

  • The name of the item in the above picture
  • An example of what the item pictured above can be used for

The winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct entries.

Below is a picture of the prize.




How Anti-Theft Tags work

at 4:24 pm. Filed under Educational, Electronic Hacks

We have all seen these small tags on items in stores that have high cost and are easy to conceal and walk out of the store with. Since these items are left on the items sold the cost must be small and they need to be simple to de-activate by the cashier when the item have been purchased. The technology turns out be be very clever and extremely low cost. I had always thought the tag was getting energized by a low frequency field and then transmitting. Quite surprising that this technology works as well as it does since these transmit and receive pairs are usually 4 or 5 feet apart in practice. I guess a closed foil lined bag or pocket is all you need to defeat an active tag.


“Anti-theft tags contain a tiny mechanical oscillator that is activated by a magnetic field. The detectors at a shop’s doorway can detect the oscillation magnetically. The tag can be activated and deactivated by magnetizing or demagnetizing it, respectively.”

December 2, 2015

Nordic Semiconductor ARM Cortex-M0 Bluetooth Low Energy

at 3:02 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets


Love the Nordic Semiconductor tradeshow display, a big bucket of chips. Nordic is making a powerful ARM Cortex-M0 chip that can be integrated into many items. They have a cool example of doing IPv6 over BTLE. At a cost of a dollar or two I think we will see these in everything. They already sell about 500,000 of these chips per day!
“Nordic Semiconductor is playing a key role in the future of wireless with it’s solid portfolio of 2.4GHZ. Bluetooth Low Energy SOC, Beacon, and MBED products. Including it’s award-winning nRF51822 Family of products.”


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