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November 22, 2015

PCB vias made using Conductive Ink

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When you are making some prototype PCBs it is quite simple until you go double sided, now you need to potentially solder through hole components on both sides, stick small wires in each via and solder both sides or insert small rivets in the holes. DIYyouwhere is playing around with a method where they attach a brush to the drill so that they can electrically detect when the metal drill bit drills through the PCB and hits the bottom layer of the copper. As soon as it detects contact the bit is retracted. They now use a syringe of conductive ink to link the copper layers together by squirting some ink in each hole.



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One Response to “PCB vias made using Conductive Ink”

  1. Cody Barnes Says:

    I’ve used conductive ink for vias for several years now. It works quite well. My technique is not quite as involved. I drill all of the way through. I then place the PCB on a piece of paper towel and drip the ink onto/into the hole. The paper towel will help to pull the ink through the hole. I lift the pcb before the ink tries (to prevent sticking). After a few minutes, I use a towel lightly wetted in acetone to remove the excess ink. Occasionally I’ll need to add a little ink to the via cap to make sure there is a good connection.

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