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November 3, 2015

Full Spectrum Light Therapy Build

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DIY Sunlight Simulator Light Therapy Light wide


Lots of people feel a bit down when we get less natural light in the winter months. SAD lights have been around for awhile and can be purchased from a few places but Luke Skaff decided to build one from scratch. His design allows for a light output that is closer to what you get in real sun.

“I made two full spectrum ceramic metal halide light therapy lights for my mom who has Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). They have a much higher color rendering index (CRI) and produce a more full spectrum output of visible light than fluorescent ‘SAD’ light boxes on the market. This allows it to be much more closely matched to the sun’s emission spectra than fluorescent and the vast majority of LEDs. Each light outputs 12,000 lumens and can hit the 10,000 Lux requirement.”


Cermaic metal halide bulb cool down