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October 17, 2015

Hand Cranked High Voltage Ball Spinner

at 4:30 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks

Electricity is great, and it is even better when you design an electrical project start to finish including the electrical source. This system is broken up into 2 sections by RimstarOrg the first video above shows how to build a simple high voltage spinning ball bowl. It uses the velocity of the ball and the principle of attracting opposite charges to allow the ball to move from one strip to the next. There are a the project is simple and can probably be built with items you have in the house. The video below shows how to build the power source for the system, it is a Wimshurst Machine which will provide the high voltage needed to power the system. The power supply can also be made with stuff that you probably have at hand also.

October 11, 2015

Water Shut Off Valve Project

at 4:31 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks


This project allows you to automate the filling of water containers. In this case the need was to stop filling a horse water tank and automatically stop when it has been filled. A few stainless steel clamps are used to sense the water by conduction. The circuit is running off a 9 volt battery, it is powerful enough to activate the 12 volt relay and a voltage divider is used to make the 5 volts that the microcontroller needs.

“This is a very simple project that only uses a few electrical components and some PVC pipe. This is the first project that I have built using an ATTiny 85. It is a very powerful little chip and I will probably have many more projects that use it. An Arduino can be used in place of the ATTiny85 and the same code should work.”


October 10, 2015

JIGMOD Electronic Circuit Building System

at 7:16 pm. Filed under Electronic Hacks



Looking to kickstart your prototyping? JIGMOD might be just what you need. You still get to use your speedy breadboard but those devices that just don’t quite fit can now be a compact module that is held securely over to the side. Moving your prototype around from place to place will no longer be a stressful time since with this system it is much more likely to survive.

“How does JIGMOD do it?

  • JIGMODs and the mounting configuration allows for stacking JIGMODs of the same size, revolutionizing the prototyping process
  • Wire-to-board connectors – make wire connections with the push of a finger! No screwdrivers are necessary for this operation.
  • Pre-tapped drill holes in platforms allow versatile mounting configurations
  • Board-edge fasteners – allows 2 boards to utilize the same supports and increases parts per area.
  • High quality JIGMOD modules with high quality electronic components”



October 8, 2015

Solar Security Light Teardown

at 7:56 pm. Filed under Electronic Hacks, Teardown


John Schuch does a Solar Security Light Teardown, the device is to be used in his HackaDay Prize Entry. It often makes sense hacking an off the shelf product instead of designing and building your own especially when the device needs to last in the outdoor elements. John has seen first hand what happens to unprotected powered electronics when exposed even for a short time to the elements on his project page.  

“Rather than spending a whole lot of time finding domestic suppliers of small photovoltaic panels and trying to spec a nicad or nimh battery pack, I decided to buy a “60 LED Solar Security Light” from Harbor Freight just a few miles from here.”


October 5, 2015

Eyedrivomatic – Drive Wheelchair using Eye Tracking Technology

at 9:23 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Insane Equipment

Eyedrivomatic - Drive Wheelchair using Eye Tracking Technology


The Eyedrivomatic is a system that lets you Drive a Wheelchair using Eye Tracking Technology.

 “Eyedrivomatic’s software is in two parts, firmware for the arduino in the brain box, and a pc application which I have written in processing. Many eyegaze users will have software on their computer for communication and computer control. Our intention is that the pc software will be accessible through the users own computer control software, or directly, using the eyegaze equipment’s mouse emulation capibilities. At the moment, it only works with one computer control package – Grid2. Grid2 has allowed for rapid development of the pc software, and I intend to perfect it before writing the stand alone pc application.”






October 4, 2015

Solar Dancing Pumpkin Teardown

at 11:40 pm. Filed under Teardown



Ever see a little solar dancing flowers on someones desk? This Dancing Pumpkin is the Halloween version of that little decoration. I spotted it in a store for around a dollar and it was wondering how they could make it this cheap. Watch the video to see what’s inside, not knowing their was a coil glued to the base I almost destroyed the coil while with my screwdriver while trying to pry the bottom off. Like all other mass produced items like digital watches and cheap calculators there is a mystery IC bonded directly to the tiny PCB and covered by a blob of epoxy. The construction is very simple it consists of a solar cell, a capacitor, the magic IC, a coil and a magnet.

The pumpkin dances when the pendulum with the magnet is swung back and forth. The position of the coil is slightly off center of the magnet which allows the coil to gently start pulling the magnet towards the coil with small pulses. After 5 or 6 pulses it has enough momentum to continue with a large swing. The unit works fine with as little as 500 lux and draws only 85 micro amps when in constant operation. I am very impressed that this cheaply mass produced item can swing with sufficiently low resistance to operate reliably.



October 3, 2015

T400 Temperature Datalogger Prototype Walkthrough

at 3:23 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


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