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October 24, 2015

2.4GHz Waveguide Cantenna with Circular Polarization

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If you need to shoot your WIFI further than your regular WIFI can reach you can look into building this 2.4GHz Waveguide Cantenna with Circular Polarization to give you a boost in range.
“I decided to use a cloverleaf antenna as the driven element with a toilet brush holder as the waveguide. It must be noted that the waveguide in this version is not physically connected to the driven element as doing so will affect the VSWR. As I show in testing this is a powerful waveguide when used with a matched antenna with circular polarization and although powerful it is extremely directional with a beam width of 30 degrees.”


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2 Responses to “2.4GHz Waveguide Cantenna with Circular Polarization”

  1. Steven Says:

    We could all use stronger wi-fi … I guess I have a project to tackle next weekend!

  2. Ken hartmann Says:

    Hello Sir, I found your little caJenna gadget quite interesting. And, yes, I am not skilled to make a precision instrument such as you have. Could you kindly please, just sell me the antenna? I would sincerely appreciate it. And hopsing that the price is reasonable. As I am a senior citizen of 62 yrs. Please contact me AR ph: 760–453–3027. Thank you Sincerely, Ken hartmann

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