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October 17, 2015

Omni Hoverboard

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Omni Hoverboard_3

If you are looking for the latest in personal mobility have a look at the Omni Hoverboard. At first I was thinking this video was faked, but in fact this board is real and has recently won a Guinness World Record. Looks very tricky to fly around and as we can see the trials are being done over water for safety. I would have thought plunging into water would not be good for the motors, I wonder if after a plunge much of the parts need to be replaced?

Via: International Business Times

“The Omni Hoverboard features eight propellers and a frame made from carbon fibre. The motors controlling the propellers are powered by 12 lithium polymer batteries, which generate around 40 horsepower, but sadly, this currently generates a combined flying time of only 1.5 minutes.

Acceleration is achieved by squeezing a joystick made from a pair of pliers which makes the hoverboard go higher or lower, and speed up or slow down. The user is securely anchored to the hoverboard using snowboard binding straps, steering the board by physically turning in the air to change its direction.”




Omni Hoverboard_2

Omni Hoverboard


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2 Responses to “Omni Hoverboard”

  1. Max POwer Says:

    Put a seat on it and I’ll fly it to work and back. Who wants to stand up?

  2. 34R789 Says:

    Has any one got a schematic for this hoverboard or a list of the exact components needed for this project?

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