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October 10, 2015

JIGMOD Electronic Circuit Building System

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Looking to kickstart your prototyping? JIGMOD might be just what you need. You still get to use your speedy breadboard but those devices that just don’t quite fit can now be a compact module that is held securely over to the side. Moving your prototype around from place to place will no longer be a stressful time since with this system it is much more likely to survive.

“How does JIGMOD do it?

  • JIGMODs and the mounting configuration allows for stacking JIGMODs of the same size, revolutionizing the prototyping process
  • Wire-to-board connectors – make wire connections with the push of a finger! No screwdrivers are necessary for this operation.
  • Pre-tapped drill holes in platforms allow versatile mounting configurations
  • Board-edge fasteners – allows 2 boards to utilize the same supports and increases parts per area.
  • High quality JIGMOD modules with high quality electronic components”