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October 31, 2015

Wiimote Autofocus Laser Cutter Hack

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Wiimote Autofocus Laser Cutter Hack


If you have a laser cutter focusing the laser on your work can be tedious if your system doesn’t have a way to adjust the distance from your work to the laser automatically. Now as much of a pain this is for a flat item it is impossible to generally do with an item that varies in height. Martin Raynsford has solved this issue by bolting a Wiimote to the laser head and uses it to watch the red dot laser and adjusts the bed height to dynamically ensure the laser focus is always where it needs to be. Watch the impressive video for a great demonstration.

October 27, 2015

Vintage MP3 Boombox Conversion

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This project makes a Vintage MP3 Boombox with a few simple steps. By using an inexpensive Bluetooth MP3 player this old Candle Model JTR1296 Boombox can now be used to crank out some MP3 tunes direct from your smart phone. The boombox is a 12 volt DC player which can get power from D cell batteries, a 12 volt DC input jack or wall power (which is rectified using a transformer and bridge. Watch the video to see the interesting ground connection via a high value resistor to main power. Since the mains power input is non polarized this can be 110VAC. I have never seen this before. Was this common practice in this era?

A battery input jack was implemented so the system could run from a rechargable LiPoly battery. To prevent discharging below the safe range a cheap warning buzzer which is common on quad copters would be a good addition.

The MP3 player that was used normally operates from a 5 volt USB connection, the case was removed to allow direct soldering to the power connections. A simple LM7805 was used to convert the players 12 volt DC supply to the 5 volts that the bluetooth device needed. The stereo has a mic input which was an ideal connection to pump in the tunes. The result is a great looking boat anchor of a player that cranks out the tunes in style!


October 26, 2015

RC Car Hack with Toy Gun

at 11:49 pm. Filed under Toy Hacks


Brian Henderson had built quite a few car hack projects. He has found that the very popular chips that are used in cheap RC car controllers have an extra unused output. He connects a button onto the remote and buffers the output from the controller on the car to allow him to power the toy gun. He uses a nerf gun for the first hack and an airsoft gun in the second. Both provide a bit of harmless fun. The common chip that is used for lots of RC cars is the 5-Function Remote Controller TX2C ATS302T/RX2C ATS302R (PDF).



October 24, 2015

2.4GHz Waveguide Cantenna with Circular Polarization

at 5:38 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks


If you need to shoot your WIFI further than your regular WIFI can reach you can look into building this 2.4GHz Waveguide Cantenna with Circular Polarization to give you a boost in range.
“I decided to use a cloverleaf antenna as the driven element with a toilet brush holder as the waveguide. It must be noted that the waveguide in this version is not physically connected to the driven element as doing so will affect the VSWR. As I show in testing this is a powerful waveguide when used with a matched antenna with circular polarization and although powerful it is extremely directional with a beam width of 30 degrees.”

October 22, 2015

Electric Mobility Scooter Hacked for More Speed

at 11:57 pm. Filed under Crazy Hacks


When pumping 60 volts into this Electric Mobility Scooter it turns into tons of fun. Their is no soft start on this thing so as soon as the launch button is pressed the motor springs to life. Interestingly enough this scooter has some drag bars that prevent the thing from flipping over backwards. Not sure how long the motor would last with this voltage but it sure looks like fun while it lasts. They even tested it with a few runs at 72 volts! Doesn’t take long to get up to speed with that voltage. The electronics were slightly modified, a nice large contactor was added to allow a small horn button to control the large load. In the end 72 volts was more than the motor could take and it burnt up.

October 20, 2015

Car Horn Alarm Clock

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This Car Horn Alarm Clock is sure to wake you up in the morning. Not sure if the volume would beat my Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock but either is sure to get the job done. The clock in this hack has a nice small motor that is activated to ring the alarm on the stock unit. A small transistor is used to drive a mosfet to handle the large current needed for the car horn.

October 17, 2015

Omni Hoverboard

at 7:49 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Insane Equipment

Omni Hoverboard_3

If you are looking for the latest in personal mobility have a look at theĀ Omni Hoverboard. At first I was thinking this video was faked, but in fact this board is real and has recently won a Guinness World Record. Looks very tricky to fly around and as we can see the trials are being done over water for safety. I would have thought plunging into water would not be good for the motors, I wonder if after a plunge much of the parts need to be replaced?

Via: International Business Times

“The Omni Hoverboard features eight propellers and a frame made from carbon fibre. The motors controlling the propellers are powered by 12 lithium polymer batteries, which generate around 40 horsepower, but sadly, this currently generates a combined flying time of only 1.5 minutes.

Acceleration is achieved by squeezing a joystick made from a pair of pliers which makes the hoverboard go higher or lower, and speed up or slow down. The user is securely anchored to the hoverboard using snowboard binding straps, steering the board by physically turning in the air to change its direction.”




Omni Hoverboard_2

Omni Hoverboard

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