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September 27, 2015

Raspberry PI 2 Weather Station

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Jeremy Morgan built a Raspberry PI 2 Weather Station. It collects all of the data from the sensors and saves to to the cloud using a Google Drive spreadsheet which is accessed using a JSON file.


Via: Electronic Lab

“For this project you will need:



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2 Responses to “Raspberry PI 2 Weather Station”

  1. Ty Tower Says:

    Another one of those sites that wants you to jump through hoops and bare your heart for the sword to post a comment. Crazy stuff.Thanks Allen

    The problem here as with others of this genre is that the unit to be effective and reliable it needs to be “weather proof” else the connections of the electronics used corrode and degrade .As readings are taken the corrosion produces capacitance,reactance and resistance on the lines at microprocessor speeds and the result is no data. So you have to choose more reliable sensors than BMP180 for instance.They just don’t seem to be available that I have found.

    This is also seems like a lot of work to setup and something like “data.sparkfun” would not require a database with data available in csv and other formats

  2. Ty Tower Says:

    The other thing of course is a microprocessor like Arduino Pro at $3 or an ESP8266 WiFi chip $3 would do this easily with plenty of examples and save the cost of a Raspi.

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