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September 18, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed Arrested for a DIY Clock

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This is really sad that when a student like 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed shows off his passion for building electronic projects results in him getting arrested. He was resourceful and put his creation in a $5 box from target but apparently it made the project look like a suitcase bomb! He wants to leave the school and I don’t blame him. At least his electronic passion isn’t squashed, he wants to attend MIT after high school. All I can say is way to go Ahmed! Keep building!





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5 Responses to “Ahmed Mohamed Arrested for a DIY Clock”

  1. Max Says:

    Please tell me you didn’t first hear about this from EEVblog…

  2. dont care Says:

    He wants to leave the school and I don’t blame him
    Good let him leave the whole country and you can go with him.

  3. FollowTheMoney Says:

    He didn’t even build the clock. He took apart an alarm clock and glued it in to a different case. He’s no engineer, nor inventor, just a fraud who’s helping push a political agenda for his father the politician. If any other kid did that they’d be tossed in a deep dark hole and labeled a terrorist, if they weren’t shot by the police first.

  4. GRBoomer Says:

    You got suckered into this activist’s trap. He admits it was proactive in a interview. He was belligerent and would not answer questions to the administration. Look at the picture of his workstation. Who has a soldering iron just dangling in front of the monitor? He built crap. His uncle owns a trucking company called thee Twin Towers. His sister has been in trouble. And why do you need 120VAC plug and transformer on a portable device? A device that was beeping and causing disruption in the classroom. Look at the picture of the wonderful clock he made. His family has now lawyered up (not counting the “lawyer” clown in the White House). He is now travelling to Mecca. Look before you pontificate, the whole story smelled of setup. No one is talking about Syrian refugees anymore are they. No, we are preying on the poor down trodden Muslims.

  5. GRBoomer Says:

    It’s funny how my other comments are gone about this social justice warrior.
    It takes 20 seconds to do what he did.

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