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August 29, 2015

50,000V High Voltage Power Supply Build

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50,000V High Voltage Power Supply Build_2 


 built this interesting 50,000V High Voltage Power Supply which is fun but can be dangerous if not given the respect that high voltages demand. If you are interesting in getting some serious spark jumping action this build is for you. Best of all the main component can be found for free from an old TV.

“This high voltage power supply has been designed to output a fixed voltage of around 50kV, it could easily be converted to an adjustable supply by connecting a variac in case of using transformers or by adding some extra circuitry to regulate the power going in. I initially thought about a high frequency PWM to regulate the power going into the capacitors, but I abandoned the idea. I found that adjusting the frequency is enough to make the voltage vary by a significant amount, allowing some control over it, this happens because the flyback must operate at a certain frequency in order to maximize the output.”



50,000V High Voltage Power Supply Build


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