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August 25, 2015

Repair Broken IC Pins using a CO2 Laser Cutter

at 8:45 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks

  Repair Broken IC Pins using a CO2 Laser Cutter_2 


If you have an IC with broken pins near the die normally this chip is dead but if you have a CO2 laser cutter and a bit of time you might be able to laser away some of the die so you can access the internal chip traces. Have a look at ca.rstenpresser.de for some ideas.

“Since a few of the Pads already were delaminated I decided to do a repair instead of soldering in a new CPU. For a repair I would need to get rid of the expoxy mold to directly acces the pins of the leadframe. Initially I was thinking of using a ‘dreml’ tool to remove the exoxy, but watching the Uncaging Microchips talk at 31C3 taught me that using a CO2-Laser will also work.”



Repair Broken IC Pins using a CO2 Laser Cutter_4


Repair Broken IC Pins using a CO2 Laser Cutter


Repair Broken IC Pins using a CO2 Laser Cutter_3


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31 Responses to “Repair Broken IC Pins using a CO2 Laser Cutter”

  1. Ty Tower Says:

    Man ! Surely if a chip has blown away some part of its own contacts then there is a high likelyhood of damage elsewhere in the chip. Common sense would say replace the chip.

    This is just a demonstration of what one person could try if a new chip could not be found .Stupid time wasteing otherwise

  2. Tony Says:

    @Ty needs to RTFA.

    He damaged the chip (& board) while trying solder it. Why he was trying to solder it wasn’t mentioned, maybe it had a pin come loose. Been there, soldered that (eg RAM chip on a NEC laptop motherboard, of all things).

    I think I’ll go and laser a chip for no reason other than I can.

  3. Derek Tombrello Says:

    Is it just me or is that wire SUPER close to the adjacent traces in the chip!?

  4. Ty Tower Says:

    Tony needs to shove it .Go waste some time . There seem to be at least 4 pins damaged from the photos . One of which seems not to be connected even after the repair, so I get little sense out of this . If nothing else, the pins of a new chip would have reduced the length of wire needed to half . The chip itself was initially mis-aligned on the board anyway.
    Judging by the photos available ,it was another example of the “Look how smart I am syndrome”. Looks like Tony has it too.

  5. Tony Says:

    Gee, Ty is rather grumpy today.
    Not sure why your upset about someone fixing something, but anyway.
    Sometimes you need to do repairs like this; you may not be able to get a replacement board or chip, especially in the case of obsolete parts or pre-programmed stuff.
    I’d say the photo showing the lifted pin was at the ‘not quite finished yet’ stage.
    And yes, I am pretty smart, Ty. Thanks for noticing, old chap.

  6. Ty Tower Says:

    Yes well keep kidding yourself . You are gonna need it !

  7. Tony Says:

    Bloke fixes something.
    Ty launches into rants about how everyone else is smarter than him.
    Makes sense.
    By the way, you can decap an IC with this. The laser does damage the die; might work better with multiple passes where the last few are at low power to reduce the damage.

  8. Ty Tower Says:

    “Ty launches into rants about how everyone else is smarter than him.
    Makes sense.”

    Hmm I think not . Maybe you had better have a look at your “common sense” we all have it but seems yours is to a somewhat lesser degree.You are not at all smart, and not at all noteworth. Grow up first Kid

  9. Tony Says:

    Aw, do you need a hug Ty?

  10. Ty Tower Says:

    Yeh keep it up hugger

  11. Tony Says:

    There there Ty, who’s a good little boy then.
    Now remember, just because you didn’t RTFA (or didn’t understand the big words) and got all confused, that’s no reason to get all grumpy.

  12. Tony Says:

    By the way Ty; your spelling, punctuation & grammar are atrocious.
    We’ll work on that after you find your happy place.
    (PS: atrocious means bad.)

  13. Ty Tower Says:

    A Clown makes people laugh You are a clown but a piss poor one . As I said before ,you should grow up some little boy.

  14. Tony Says:

    Now now Ty, we’ve spoken about your poor writing. What you meant to say was this:
    A clown makes people laugh. You are a clown but a piss-poor one. As I said before you should grow up some, little boy.
    There we go. Still pointless dribble, but at least it’s properly written pointless dribble.
    If you’re a grown-up writing like that, well, deary me. Education did indeed fail you.

  15. Ty Tower Says:

    Insist on the last word every time don’t you . Won’t get it with me Clown . But you will have to wait patiently . When you grow up you will realise not all people let you get away with that and some come looking . You are not hard to find these days.

  16. Tony Says:

    Look Ty, didn’t we go over this grammar thing?
    No spaces before the periods (what the?). Watch your capitalization. Don’t start sentences with ‘But’. Fail, young man, fail. (I hope you’re young, otherwise education really did pass you by.)
    (Oh, and the ‘internet tough guy’ thing is just silly. Stop that.)
    (Yo, come find me sucka! I double dare ya! I’ll kick ya arse!)
    (See, it’s just silly.)

  17. rudi Says:

    gonzo fatty

  18. Ty Tower Says:

    Well Well Tony why not come on up to Cairns for a trip to the Reef .On the house ,but you pay for the plane seat . Should only be 3 or 4 hundred or so from there .Fishing is great up here.

  19. Ty Tower Says:


  20. Tony Says:

    Ty is proof that Australia lacks an education system.
    Didn’t anyone ever teach you what the little dot is for?
    (I thought you were coming to find me?)

  21. Ty Tower Says:

    You are found moron .

  22. Tony Says:

    I found a moron called Ty who didn’t bother to RTFA.
    C’mon then, come kick my ass.
    I’ve dropped my pants and farted in your general direction.

  23. Ty Tower Says:

    Feel me now Moron ?

  24. Tony Says:

    Feel you?
    Are you using the force to kick my ass, Ty?
    Sorry dude, it just ain’t working.
    Send me a postcard card or something. You know where I live, don’t ya tough guy?
    Gotta love the internet. Some retard didn’t RTFA or can’t understand it, and has gone all internet tough guy on us. Ha ha ha.
    Christ, he hasn’t even figured out punctuation.

  25. Tony Says:

    Hey, where ya been Ty?
    Holidays or something?
    Or did you accidentally switch the computer off and it’s taken you this long to find the switch?

  26. Ty Tower Says:

    You ethnos just spend all day thinking up insults . Hell, guess you just love standing in front of the mirror practicing . Sydney had the lowest temp today of 21 C, even lower than Tassie. Bet you’ll be warmer though moron.

  27. Tony Says:

    Ethnos? You mean ethnic? I’d be whiter than you. Everyone is black in Cairns, ain’t they?
    Where do you think I am anyway? Still waiting for that ass kicking.
    And look, you be learned something. You’ve managed to get a couple of punctuation marks in the right spot. Well done you (thought it was probably accidental).

  28. rudi Says:

    Been hit 3 times . fool does not know yet thats all ty

  29. Tony Says:

    Hooray! Ty is back, and has forgotten how to spell his name.
    Rudi? What sort of name is that?
    Why do the losers always make fake accounts?
    Ha ha ha, you’re so lame.
    If I’ve been hit three times I guess that’s because you hit like a little girl.
    Did ya ever RTFA, Ty?
    Or even learn to read?

  30. Ty Tower Says:

    They had a good christmas thanks to you ,been away having fun .Nice that losers like you lose their dough . Too late now though , out of time

  31. Tony Says:

    Merry New Year Ty!
    Maybe this will be the year to learn to RTFA, or learn anything really.
    Here’s a lesson – you can only lose dough if you have some to lose in the first. Not sure what you think I’ve lost, but we all know thinking isn’t your strong point.
    You obviously didn’t spend your time away learning to write properly, lol.

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