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August 20, 2015

DIY Speaker

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DIY Speaker_3


There are easier things to make than a DIY speaker but the essential pieces of a speaker are able to be cobbled together in your workshop. It may not sound better than a $5 store bought one but at least you can say you built it with your own hands in your workshop. As Gursimran Singh mentions you might need a small amplifier to get a bit more volume out of the device but the feeling of accomplishment should give you a nice glow that the sound you are hearing is coming from a device that was built using your hands from some scrap parts.

“For this to be made we need:

  1. A cup made of paper in the last second step I would explain you to make it when not having a paper cup.
  2. Insulated copper wire (take it from old cfl or from ting-tong bell)
  3. Magnet(we can get it easily from market)
  4. AUX cable
  5. AUX cable port(get it from old radio)
  6. Duct tape
  7. Paper Sheets.”


DIY Speaker_2



 DIY Speaker_1



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