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June 30, 2015

120VAC Car Alternator Hack

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If you like to see some real backyard hacking have a look at this video by kurtscottage. He is spinning an old car alternator with a gas motor and with a bit of rewiring and connecting through some home made transformers he is able to generate 120 VAC. Now the frequency is not always 60 HZ so I am not sure I would connect my laptop charger the the make shift power source but some resistive lights won’t be bothered by the non standard frequency.



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One Response to “120VAC Car Alternator Hack”

  1. Annie Says:

    Your laptop charger doesn’t care much about frequency nor voltage. If the SMPS in it sees 90V-100V to 240V-250V it’s fine as for frequency anything from DC (yes you can put DC on the input) to about 1KHz maybe more (think 400Hz aircraft electrical systems). You can’t put 90V DC that won’t be enough or 240V 400Hz that would be near the factory smoke release point. In fact a SMPS is the safest thing you can operate from a makeshift unregulated genset.

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