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June 14, 2015

TIG Welder Auto Pulse System

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  TIG Welder Auto Pulse System_3


 If you are a welder you might want to have a close look at the TIG Perfect project/product. It uses the Parallax Propeller chip which was designed by Chip Gracey (great interview here). This looks like the optimal fit for a Propeller chip, a low volume product that has high value to people that can get use out of it.  The design looks great, nice use of the single rotary encoder for the UI.

Via: Parallax

“TIG Perfect is a plug and play device for your TIG Welder. This device adds pulsing functionality to your under-equipped/less-expensive welder, at a fraction of the cost of buying a welder with these features built into it.
Here is how it works: the TIG welder uses a 0-10v signal for the pedal position… my device reads this signal as an input, and generates a new signal output based on this input and user settings. Some of my challenges that I had when developing this is that a TIG welder (or any welder really) emits a TON of interference. I had to design this device to be able to withstand this interference and not reset or become damaged from prolonged exposure. This involved creating various filters on the power supply rails, the addition of protective circuitry, and using more tolerant electrical components. Having solid grounds to the case was also very important to better shield the circuit.”



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