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May 20, 2015

Cheap PCB Isolation Milling

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Cheap PCB Isolation Milling


If you like making your own printed circuit boards and have a CNC machine wouldn’t it be nice to do some Cheap PCB Isolation Milling? Well how is free, that’s right  has put together an Instructable that goes through the process using only free software.  Below will show you all the things you need.

“Things you need:

  • computer with internet connection
  • cnc mill/router, the more accurate the better
  • 45°/20° V-Bit
  • 0.8mm drill bit
  • 3mm endmill
  • copper clad board
  • double-sided adhesive tape

You need the following software:


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One Response to “Cheap PCB Isolation Milling”

  1. Max Says:

    That’s a rather… peculiar choice of toolchain. I honestly don’t think figuring out how to draw a few lines in KiCAD and mill around them with Visolate, Line Grinder, FlatCam or GCAM is any more complicated than learning Inkscape or MakerCam – which, by the way, can’t draw (circular) arcs.

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