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May 4, 2015

Bug Zapper Illuminated Bike

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 Bug Zapper Illuminated Bike


Steve from Rimstar.org has build an illumination system for his bike. Most of us would use a battery and a light right? Well Steve is using the bike power to generate thousands of volts and spark gap to warn people that a bike is coming. It has the added benefit of keeping people from wandering too close to the front of the bike!

“Want to make your bike create sparks as you drive?

One way I found is to add on a Wimshurst machine, an electrostatic machine that produces sparks. The cool thing is that the Wimshurst machine works by rotating two disks, normally using a hand crank… but connect it up to your bike pedals and now you rotate the disks as you pedal! To make it cooler, this one even uses a 3D printed sprocket!”



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2 Responses to “Bug Zapper Illuminated Bike”

  1. Steven Says:

    What an amazing bike … definitely a head turner!

  2. StevenD (aka Rimstar.org) Says:

    Thanks Steven!

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