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April 27, 2015

Vacuum System for Deposition

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Vacuum System for Deposition_2 


Jerry Biehler is working on a Vacuum System for Deposition. It was removed from a university and needed quite a bit of work. Looks like there is still a lot of things to be done but it is sure a nice looking piece of equipment!

“So, some of the specs:

• 26″ Stainless bell jar, appears to be a Cha. The lower ring looks to have been added later and is held in place by clamps. The base has a rotary feedthrough for the shutter and a bunch of standard 1″ holes for other feedthroughs.
•​ Leybold XTC film thickness monitor and Airco crystal head
​• Lesker Ion Gauge Controller
​• Varian Extrion thermocouple gauge and system control panel
​• Varian 6″ Diffusion Pump
​• Leybold Ruvac WA-150 Roots Blower
​• Leybold D30AC Roughing pump
​• Water cooled evaporation transformer and control, control is homemade and transformer appears to be a varian.”


Vacuum System for Deposition


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One Response to “Vacuum System for Deposition”

  1. Ty Tower Says:

    Hey I’ve got an old Vacuum pump from a dairy will it work the same if I fix it up and get it going ?

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