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April 18, 2015

POV Globe

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 POV Globe


Antonin Martin-Schouler had created a nice POV Globe. IR is used for position detection, a slip ring gets power over to the globe, it is packing some serious processing power with the ARM processor running the show.

“For building the device using this tutorial, you’ll need the following material:

  • The Zybo board from Digilent
  • The Neopixel LED strip from Adafruit
  • A 12 wires slip ring like this one from Adafruit
  • The GP1A57HRJ00F Sparkfun photo interrupter breakout board and the GP1A57HR photo interrupter that you can find here and here
  • A 12V DC motor
  • A micro SD card
  • A cross-compiler for ARM processors”