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April 1, 2015

Advicy Drive-Safety Wearable Prevents Drowsy Driving

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 Advicy Drive-Safety Wearable Prevents Drowsy Driving


Photoplethysmography sensors are popular in hospitals to measure your heart beat. Watch the video below that NickTech did that shows how the hobbiest can play with this technology. You can get a sensor ready to go from places like AdaFruit and SparkFun. Advicy uses this type of sensor to detect when you are driving drowsy. Sounds like a great product but I am also thinking it is a lawsuit waiting to happen the first time there is an accident and the technology didn’t work. Of course just like air bags, technology is here to make our lives safer but some people will undoubtedly blame the tech when they were injured due to their own negligence and the technology not being able to help them in every situation.


 “Advicy Drive heartbeat sensor uses a high-innovative technology called photoplethysmography, which is the least invasive technology known on the market, typically used in hospitals to read your pulse from the fingertip.

The first thing to do is to register your personal attention value threshold.

The procedure will last for 20 minutes where you need to stay relaxed to let Advicy measure the right value (this process is needed only once and this alert threshold will be then used by the App during your drive time as comparison).
At the end of this basic step, the App will use and show your personal attention value threshold with a red line on the graph and with a red band in the gauge.
Your are now ready to use the product while driving, your performance is then shown by the cursor in the gauge and continuously monitored.”




Advicy Drive-Safety Wearable Prevents Drowsy Driving_1


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