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March 14, 2015

Custom DIY RFID Smart Lock

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RFID technology has rapidly been getting cheaper and simpler for the DIY enthusiast to get into over the years. The video above uses a Raspberry Pi and doesn’t have build instructions but that doesn’t matter much. Any microcontroller can easily connect to the heart of the access system which is the actual RFID reader. An Arduino could be used instead, it could be made stand alone instead of network connected for a simple setup. Julian Ilett picked up one of these inexpensive RFID readers, it looks very impressive for the price. 



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3 Responses to “Custom DIY RFID Smart Lock”

  1. Ty Tower Says:

    I like his presentation style efficient and still entertaining

  2. Ty Tower Says:

    I paid about $70 for a demo system about 10 years ago when they were bringing in Cattle ear tags in Queensland Aust. It was interesting but when they brought out the cattle ear tags they were on a different frequency requiring a different reader in the thousands of dollars range. This seems to be the problem with RFID , different frequencies each of which needs its own receiver because the aerials lengths differ.

    The more recent reports from people using the glass injectables is that the readers have no range and its difficult to pick up one implanted between thumb and forefinger.

  3. Per Says:

    I do not see any mention about cryptography. So it cannot be used as a lock – unless you need to protect your stuff from your kids.

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