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February 20, 2015

DIY Water Level Sensor Build

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DIY Water Level Sensor Build


Bob Johnson completed his DIY Water Level Sensor project. It can sense 4 levels of water, the results are transmitted using some Xbee devices. 

“The distance from my barn to the house is over 700ft. I used a 2.4Ghz yagi to send the signal to the house. This works great and no outside antenna is required at the receiving end. I have tried this setup at much smaller distances, and no yagi or directional antenna was required.

This setup has worked well for me. I use it to monitor my horses water trough. By eliminating the need for a micro-controller on the transmitting end and placing the Xbee in sleep mode, I have been able to run this setup for 10 months now on the same 3 AA batteries with the Xbee set in high power mode. “



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4 Responses to “DIY Water Level Sensor Build”

  1. Steven Says:

    Excellent build … this would also have applications to warn of imminent flooding as well!

  2. Rusty Says:

    Hey, there is a market for this sort of thing, and a lot of saltwater fish nerds use those Rubbermaid troughs for their sumps under their fish tanks. You should consider marketing this.

  3. Ty Tower Says:

    Thats one of the worst videos I have ever seen .Total waste of 17 minutes. You could do that with a few pictures and a paragraph better than the video does it .

    That said the idea is common and well tried and used often with success. The idea is when current can flow between two contacts it must be water doing that .The current flow is limited by resistors and the transistor turns on and the xbee senses that.

  4. Pyrofer Says:

    Why not use a single pipe with a barometer type pressure sensor at the top. Put it open end down into the water and stop just short of the bottom. As the level rises the pressure in the pipe will go up giving a nice constant reading of the level.

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