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February 17, 2015

DIY AC Watt Meter

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DIY AC Watt Meter


If you are looking to build a new project, this DIY AC Watt Meter would make for a useful device that can be added to your test bench.

“The microcontroller of the wattmeter is PIC18F252. Basically it reads the voltage and the current and calculates the RMS voltage, the RMS current and the average power. Then it interfaces with the LCD and shows all these values. It has a hardware SPI module which lets communicating with the MCP3202 ADCs. On the other hand it interfaces to the LCD over 4-bit or 8-bit interface.  The microcontroller’s master clock becomes 5Mhz when 20Mhz crystal oscillator is used. There is an onboard ICSP connector (J3) which is used to program the PIC.”


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2 Responses to “DIY AC Watt Meter”

  1. alexian Says:

    after a quick browse of the project-log it seems to me the correct term for this device is a VA-Meter, since Cosφ isn’t included in the calculations.

  2. alexian Says:

    whoops, didn’t scroll down far enough. forget i said anything

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