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February 3, 2015

Water Drops and Acoustic Vibration

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Check out this video that demonstrates what you can get when you add some Water Drops and Acoustic Vibration. The results are very eye catching, reminds me a bit of the non-newtonian fluid experiments we saw in the past. To ramp up the fun this could be connected to a microcontroller and the frequency could be adjusted by the controller instead of a computer.

“In this video I ran the speaker at 285 Hz and varied the volume to produce the different effects. There is nothing particularly special about 285 Hz, the drops will stay suspended at other frequencies as well. Any dish soap will also work just as well as another to lower surface tension which increases the stability of the drops.

The 4 inch speaker and 90mm petri dish were both purchased online. Often 90mm petri dishes are labeled and sold as 100mm, which are more common to find. The ones I purchased were also being sold as 100mm, but the actual size could be determined by the reviews. Blunt tip syringes were also purchased online to create the drops.”


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